King Courage

Civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. dared to take a stand on behalf of racial equality. While you may not be called to such acts of valor, you can draw inspiration for your own brave quests. Need a little mettle? Fuel your spirit with these tips for forging courage.

  • Cowardice often lives under a collection of small fears masquerading as a giant monster. It’s probably not public speaking that rattles your nerves but a nuance of it — like the possibility of stumbling or stuttering. Focus on a single issue at a time and develop your confidence around it. Don’t aim to conquer a beast all at once — tackle it piece by piece.
  • When faced with a situation that demands a mighty heart, reflect on the adversities you’ve already overcome. Sometimes all you need is a reminder of prior grit. Recall an experience when you braved your way through… then apply that tenacity to your new challenge.
  • Courage and conviction go hand in hand. Without a passion, it’s difficult to spawn spirit. Build your audacity around the people or situations that give your life meaning. When called to stand up for them, in small or big ways, you’ll have mastered the art of faithful fortitude.
  • Speaking honestly, taking responsibility, and loving unconditionally are all examples of courageous acts. Practice them to keep your moral fibers strong.

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