When It Comes to Legumes…

Legumes include beans (black, kidney, pinto, soy and derivative products such as tofu, etc), lentils, peanut and derivative products such as peanut butter, and peas. Legumes contain man of the same undesirable lectins as grains. Furthermore, legumes are generally not the great sources of protein they are sometimes reputed to be, but, like grains, are abundant sources of cheap carbohydrates that easily convert to glucose. Ironically, one of the main features of legumes touted by some dietitians is the idea that they contain lots of fiber and many assist in bowel health. However, the fiber in beans and most other legumes is unnecessary and possible counterproductive when you can satisfy your need for fiber with adequate vegetables.

Legumes are not something we evolved to eat. Not only do legumes have to be soaked, sprouted, denatured and cooked to be eaten at all, in many cases they are poisonous if they are not extensively pre-treated. In fact, one of the most deadly poisons known to man is ricin. An extract of castor bean, it has been used in military attacks for decades. Soy, which has become one f the largest crops in the world, and is used in countless processed foods, is not only a source of lectins, but has been also shown to have phyto-estrogenic properties (effects that mimic estrogens in men and women, and may disrupt normal sex hormone cycles). In the opinion of many experts, soy, and everything made form it, is one of the most offensive foods in the SAD.

If you are resistant to ditching legumes along with grains, let’s admit that legumes are slightly less offensive than grains, as they offer a bit more nutritional value and fewer anti-nutrients. However, in the context of correcting disastrous SAD eating habits and insulin overdoses, legumes are simply not necessary – and can compromise your health and weight loss efforts.

If you have any excess body fat, suffer from any sort of digestive irregularities or inflammatory conditions, it’s worth testing the effects of a total elimination of grains, sugars, and legumes form your diet for at least couple days. See how much better you feel. Then, if you’re at a party and see a plate of fresh veggies with a bowl of hummus (made form garbanzo beans) and are inclined to take a few dips, you certainly don’t need to lose any sleep over it. Just remember that all of your dietary choices exist on a continuum, with the ultimate goal of aligning as closely as possible with optimal gene expression. When you see a grain or legume option that might be of interest, you weight it against having one more delicious chunk of steak, and the decision is no contest.

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