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If you are tired of purchasing the latest diet pill just to find out that it does not work for you, then look no further. Here you will find only the best diet pills available at the lowest prices, guaranteed to work for you. All of these diet pills have been rated by professionals, and received their ratings based on ingredient quality, overall value, speeded results, effectiveness, safety and customer feedback. These are the Top 10 diet pills that have been reviewed for use in 2011, each with stunning function, ingredients and results.

The best clinical strength weight loss supplement available is called Apidextra. This pill has garnered a reputation as a spectacular diet pill that contains only the highest quality fat burning ingredients. Apidextra has been formulated with eight clinically proven weight loss ingredients that have received patent in order to help you lose weight efficiently and safely. The ingredients in this formula have been created to increase your metabolism to assist you with maintaining your weight. Some of the patented ingredients available in this weight loss supplements include green tea, Chromax, glucomannan, super citrimax, caffeine anhydrous, fucoxanthin, African Mango and cissus quadrangularis. Apidextra is a superior diet pill to assist you in your weight loss goals.

The consumer’s choice for best weight loss formula is called Fenphedrine. This pill is wildly popular, and uses only the most advanced diet pills formula. It offers the latest breakthroughs in technology for weight loss in order to target your body fat in many ways. It supplies you with vigorous ingredients that have been created to control your cravings, your appetite as well as increase your metabolism. Fenhpedrine is the only pill that has found the primary component that is responsible for your weight gain and helps you by giving you the solution. This diet pill manipulates the neuropeptides within your brain, giving you the ultimate opportunity for weight loss. By stimulating these neuropeptides in your brain, it will increase your metabolic function as well as suppress your appetite. This makes Fenphedrine one of the best, highest performing diet pills on the market.

An exclusive, online only offer is available to you to increase your weight loss while saving a lot of money. This pack of three spectacular diet pills will give you the opportunity to eliminate the reasons why your weight loss attempts have failed in the past. That being, using the wrong diet pills and for the wrong reason. Nearly all diet programs fail because they simply do not address your specific needs of weight loss. By combining the three different diet pills into one package, you can find the best weight loss solution for you by trying out each of these three diet pills to find the best one for you. If you are unsure of which diet pill you need to take to maximize your weight loss, then taking advantage of this opportunity to purchase Apidextra, Fenphedrine and IrvingiAppress in one package may be exactly what you need.

IrvingiAppress is the first scientifically proven diet pill that combines the effects of green tea in conjunction with Irvingia Gabonensis to assist in weight loss. Irvingia Gabonensis has been clinically shown to significantly assist in your metabolic rates, stop your body from storing fat, breaking down existing fat cells as well as reducing your appetite. IrvingiAppress is an exemplary formula that is a proven fat burning pill that also offers the health benefits of green tea. These two very potent fat burning ingredients assists in weight loss without the negative side effects that you will likely experience from a prescription diet pill.

Perhaps the easiest weight-loss pills to use is called Ambislim PM. This very unique diet pill targets your weight loss while you sleep. This nighttime diet pill has increased in popularity in the last few years, because research shows that nighttime activities have a direct affect on weight. Many diet pills will keep you up at night if you take them before you go to bed, but Ambislim PM will help you to get a good night’s sleep and lose weight at the same time. One of the many reasons that people gain weight is because of nighttime snacking. This is where the only diet pills on the market that will help you to eliminate your cravings for food at night. It will also help you to get an excellent night sleep to maximize your weight loss. People who get less than five hours of sleep each night are over 75% more likely to be overweight. However, when you choose to use Ambislim PM, not only will you experience a deep and refreshing sleep, but you will experience less stress, incredible fat burning and fewer cravings.

A spectacular new men’s diet pill is called Noxycut. Specifically created for men and their body functions, Noxycut has been proven to add muscle while burning fat. It will help you to burn fat by sending the key nutrients and minerals that your muscles need to help you get rid of your unsightly fat and turn it into sexy muscle. In conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Noxycut will help you to improve your muscle tone and the more you work out, the more changes you will see in your physique more quickly. Noxycut will also increase your testosterone levels, which will increase your strength, energy and your focus.

For the ladies, Curvatrim is a spectacular diet pill specifically designed for women. It has been created using ingredients that women truly benefit from, as well as offers you exceptional weight loss. This incredible female diet pill has been uniquely formulated to meet the needs of women. Curvatrim offers you the same effect of five or six different weight loss pills, all in one.

If you have found in the past that you are sensitive to weight loss pills, then LipoBasics is the pill for you. LipoBasics offers a stimulant free formula that is clinically proven to help you lose weight without giving you the jitters. More people are discovering the exceptional benefits of weight loss using this diet pill. It is an excellent, stimulant free pill that can help you lose weight through its scientifically tested, all natural ingredients such as rich seaweed, sesame seed oil, Korean pine nut oil and Clarinol A-80. These are all natural and safe weight loss ingredients, so you do not have to worry about affecting your health in order to lose weight with the assistance of LipoBasics.

For thermogenic diet pills, Hydroxycut Hardcore X has become a leader, due to its fat burning hormones, ability to raise your energy level and increase your metabolism. This exceptional diet pill is specifically created for people who want to lose weight and add muscle at the same time. This combination of metabolism boosters and fat burning ingredients will help you shed your unwanted weight at an exceptional pace.
The primary ingredient in Hydroxycut Hard-core X is norepinephrine, known for its fat elimination properties.

One of the newest weight loss formulas that have been introduced recently is Liponox. This phenomenal pill has more than 100 weight loss ingredients in it, and is specifically designed to increase your energy, better your health while helping you lose weight. Liponox is jam-packed with all-natural ingredients to help with weight loss, which include energy boosters, appetite suppressant, fat burning and metabolic boosters, as well as detoxifying agents. Liponox offers a full line of weight loss angles, while others only target one or two methods. This is the only diet pill available today that offers a complete weight loss system in one pill.

Weight Loss Prescription Drugs

Obesity affects millions of Americans, and without attacking the situation, serious ailments can occur. Long term treatment is essential to sustain weight loss in the individual, and this will achieve a healthy lifestyle that allows them to take control of their lives. There are many different levels of obesity. Some cases may require prescription drugs, but, this will depend on the individual’s case. When prescription drugs are being considered to help attack the problem of obesity, they should only be considered in obese people who:

• Individuals that are not experiencing any obesity related symptoms and have an BMI (body mass index) of 30 and above. • Individuals who are experiencing conditions relating to their obesity and body mass index is 27 and above. Types of Prescription Drugs Used for Weight Loss

To start, most weight loss prescription drugs are not intended for long term use. These are drugs that are FDA approved and are normally not prescribed for more than a few months, at the most. Appetite suppressants are one form of a weight loss medication. The appetite suppressant can be found in a variety of forms which include extended release capsule and tablets. The drugs are obtained over the counter and through the prescription of a physician. One common drug that is prescribed by doctors is phentermine. Xenical is a fat absorption inhibitor that is also a prescription drug for weight loss and is the only type of drug of this sorts that is approved in the US for use. The drug effectiveness results from the blockage of roughly 30% absorbency rate of dietary fat. The drug can be purchased over the counter under the name of Alli. This drug is approved in the US as a long term use prescription for those that are suffering from severe obesity. It must be noted that the effectiveness and safety have not been studied past two years. Research continues, and drugs that have yet to be introduced to the market are being studied as possible obesity treatments. Appetite Suppressants and Their Role in Weight Loss

The role of the appetite suppressants is to seize hunger pains. This is done by masking the craving to eat. The appetite suppressants will lead the body to believe that is full, in order to cut the craving to eat. This is achieved increasing catecholamine or serotonin, which are chemicals in the brain, which affect both appetite and mood. Fat Absorption Inhibitors and Their Role in Weight Loss

When a person consumes fat absorption inhibitors the drugs work with the body to prevent the body from the break down and absorption of the fat that is consumed during meals. Bowel movements eliminate the fat that is not absorbed in the body. Does Xenical Really Work?

Yes. However, it is only moderately effective. Long term users of Xenical can expect to a weight loss of about 12 pounds over the span of a year. However, those same users would find that they likely would lose more weight if they were participating in a non-drug weight loss treatment. After the first six months using Xenical, the weight loss slows down.

Health risks in the obese person may be reduced when taking weight loss prescription drugs; however, there are no studies that show the effects of prescription drugs used for weight loss over long term use. For the obese person that is considering long term weight loss drugs for obesity, they must first discuss all concerns and risks with their physician, which include:

• Addiction

• Developed tolerance

• Side effects

There are side effects that are associated with taking appetite suppressants for both short and long term use which include:

• Dry mouth

• Anxiety

• Headaches

• Stuffy nose

• Drowsiness

• Light headedness

• Excessive thirst

• Insomnia

• Constipation

• Sweating

• Increased blood pressure

• Increased heart rate

Additional side effects that are experienced with Xenical include:

• More bowel movements

• Leakage of oily stool

• Passing gas

• Abdominal cramping

• Inability to control bowel movements

The ideal weight loss treatment for long term is healthy eating and exercise. Drugs are not the first choice and should not be used for long term use. As with anything that can have negative consequences on the health of an individual, all those considering weight loss drugs should first discuss the drugs with their physician and ensure that their body is in good health and will be able to handle the drugs.