USANA Vitamins and Nutritional Products

USANA is a Utah based company that manufactures and sells a range of nutritional products, skin care products and dietary supplements. They combine science with natural ingredients using high-quality ingredients and scientifically created blends.

They support a holistically healthy lifestyle, and their products are all about helping to achieve optimum health:

‘we believe in supporting a holistically healthy lifestyle’ … ‘based on a whole-food-based, low-glycemic diet; proper hydration; quality sleep; stress management; regular exercise; regular and consistent skincare; mindfulness; and high-quality vitamin and mineral supplementation.’

USANA is also a natural supplement product manufacturer that is based on science. They employ over 60 scientists, including biochemists, pharmacists, sports science experts and molecular and cellular biologists to research and develop their products. They also make sure that they keep up with the latest nutritional findings and advise that the testing and improvement of the products sold in the USANA Store is continuous.

The USANA Store sells an impressive range of products including those for nutritional, skin care, healthy living and energy. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the USANA vitamins and nutritional products. They target all products into groups of benefits, lifestyle and category type.

When you visit the online USANA store, you can easily see that different categories are grouped into various sections. It is simple to select the Nutritionals category by clicking on the icon.

This USANA Vitamins and Nutritional Products category is further broken down into subsections in a few different ways.

The initial subsections are:

  • Lifestyle
  • Body Benefit
  • Category

First, we’ll take a look at the sections within the Nutritionals category, section which USANA further reduce to:

  • Essentials
  • Mood & Relaxation
  • Optimizers
  • Digestion/Detox
  • Mother/Child

The first section Essentials includes a range of products that they offer: Vita-Antioxidant, Core Minerals, USANA Cellsentials, HealthPak and Vita-Antioxidant w/outVitamin K.

Each section and sub-section provides targeted supplementary products applicable to the title.

Body Benefit List – Looking at the Body Benefit list on the online USANA store, there are thirteen categories to choose from to simplify finding the ideal supplementary solution.

Women’s Health

Looking at Women’s Health as a sample from the Body Benefit list; we can see by clicking onto the women’s health category that there are specific products for mothers to be, power, prenatal, menopause and a vitamin K2 supplement. If we take a look at these products one by one, we can see that the aim is to support women through different life stages:

Beginning with the K2, USANA claim that the vitamin supplement aids circulation through maintaining healthy blood vessels, aids in calcium metabolism, and supports healthy cardiovascular function. They say that it is ‘Clinically shown to positively affect healthy bone mineral density’.

In all cases, the product information is well laid out with brief advantages that, in most cases, are followed by further details on how the vitamins or supplement can help.

The other products in this range are carefully chosen to support different life stages. The Mommy-to-Be Bundle, for example, offers a carefully formulated blend of vitamins and minerals to ensure nutrition for mother and baby.

USANA EstroPro is designed to support women with naturally derived botanical ingredients that include red clover, flaxseed extracts, soy isoflavones and licorice root extract to help women cope with the effects of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings.

Eye Health

The Eye Health category in the online USANA store lists two products, BiOmega and Visionex DS.

USANA’s BiOmega is a fish oil supplement that supports bone and joint health, heart health, brain and nerve health and of course eye health.
USANA say that this supplement offers a convenient way to obtain the valuable nutrients when you are not eating enough fish, and they’ve added vitamin D and lemon oil to eliminate the fish aftertaste too.

USANA’s Visionex DS is target purely for eye health. They advise it’s an antioxidant to support long term eye health and is especially useful for those who have an outdoor lifestyle. They say it contains Vitamin C and other nutrients to help maintain the eye lens and protect the retina.

Immune Health

A selection that is relevant right now is the Immune Health option within the Body Benefit section, and here there are six products to choose from; all with the same easy to follow style to gauge the possible benefits and a fuller explanation.

The six products are:

  • Protect + Maintain Bundle
  • USANA Probiotic
  • Provlavanol C100
  • Vitamin D
  • Booster C600
  • Proglucamune

This time we’ll start at the top and have a brief look at each product:

  • Protect + Maintain Bundle

This bundle contains four supplements for immune and digestive help, and they are the Probiotic, ProflavanonC 200, Booster C600 and Proglucamune some which feature individually in the same section of the USANA store.

  • USANA Probiotic

The Probiotic contains 12 billion colony-forming bacteria per serving, and USANA advises that it supports healthy digestion and also modulates our natural immune response. It’s provided in a stick pack to add to a drink or take on the go, and each box contains 14 packets.

  • Proflavanol C100

This is a unique USANA formula for advanced antioxidant protection and immune system balancing support that contains vitamin C and grape seed extract.

  • Vitamin D

Their 84 tablet bottle contains maximum strength vitamin D offering 50mcg of vitamin D per tablet, which they advise is four times the amount of the current recommendation. They also tell us that as well as helping with immune health, vitamin D supports our bone and joint health and heart health.

  • Booster C600

USANA’s Booster C600 has no artificial flavours, colors or sweeteners and is low calorie. It’s a drink that contains immune-supporting natural ingredients: zinc, elderberry and Echinacea.

  • Proglucamune

The USANA product Proglucamune® comprises of a mixture of mushroom extracts, baker’s yeast and zinc as well as their InCelligence Beta-Glucan Complex. They advise that it helps you stay fit and well at times of stress, supports healthy immunity and primes the immune cells natural protective responses. They say it is designed to help us to conquer the challenges that can leave us feeling run down.

Current Promotions

The USANA Store includes a current offers section and at the time of writing a particularly interesting offer was the Body Balance Pack offering low GI shakes, immune, digestion and detox support as follows:

  • Nutrimeal 28-day variety pack of meal replacement shakes.
  • Hepasil DTX Liver support supplement
  • FREE USANA Probiotic


There is no doubt that USANA products are of high quality. They develop their range with a mixture of science and natural ingredients. The way that USANA further categorizes the products to simplify choice is beneficial for anyone who feels they need something but are not sure what. As soon as you get the hang of the online USANA store, finding the right USANA Vitamins and Nutritional Products is slick and easy. Share USANA and join USANA Preferred Customer Program to enjoy discounted prices for all USANA Products line.

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