USANA BiOmega™

Not getting enough vitamin D or consuming fish products? Grab this premium-quality, chemical-free, and simply pure fish oil supplements. USANA BiOmega™ offers guaranteed EPA and DHA levels—the two necessary long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.

BiOmega by USANA is exclusively composed of vital nutrients particularly omega-3 fatty acids. The unique formula of BiOmega offers an additional dose of vitamin D, necessary for absorption of calcium by the bones. To reduce the fishy aftertaste, there is added lemon oil to prevent it.

Our exclusive BiOmega vitamin D formula helps you with:

  • Boosts memory and learning
  • Boosts cardiac and immune health
  • Improves bone health and reduces  joint pain
  • Necessary vitamin D supplement for healthy pregnancies and infant health
  • Prevents jaundice in newborns that are breastfed
  • Plays a vital role in your body’s healthy functioning at cellular level