USANA Core Minerals™

Core Minerals™ is a premium broad-spectrum mineral supplement for men and women out there. Core Minerals™ supplement utilizes USANA Incelligence Technology that supports your body’s natural stress-coping mechanism. Ultimately, it promotes healthy cell aging process preventing dementia.  The supplements optimize and support the function of Incelligence Complex in Vita Antioxidant™, a supplement that assists the cell renewal processes.

USANA Core Minerals™ is a special blend of essential minerals with amazing health benefits:

  • Nourishes your body by replenishing the quantities of both essential and trace minerals.
  • Supports DNA and RNA replication as well as metabolism of fats, carbs, and proteins due to high zinc quantity.
  • Being a natural source of manganese—essential for glucose and protein metabolism—to boost brain functions.
  • Being a good source of copper—essential for collagen synthesis—to help with connective tissue development.