What Can You Be With USANA?

Great health comes from your daily actions, well-defined habits, and incorporating quality supplements. To get the best from your USANA supplements, you must develop a good lifestyle with a diet that includes whole foods with a low glycemic index The lower the GI, the lower your blood sugar levels will be. Include activities and body movements on a daily basis, keep yourself well hydrated, and practice stress management. Make sure you get plenty of quality sleep, and have a good skincare regimen, and stay on top of your overall health.

The USANA Community

When you become a part of our USANA Community, you are someone who is dedicated to healthy products and want to share these products with others and possibly make some extra money along the way. When you join our community, you are connecting to an important global network of people who understand the value and importance of a comprehensive approach to good health. Please feel free to check out the USANA Store to learn more about healthy living philosophies that keep USANA product users motivated and on the path to healthy living every single day. You can also join USANA Preferred Customer program to save 10% off the retail price for all USANA products.

Professional & Olympic Athletes Choose USANA

More professional and Olympic athletes are turning to USANA than any other nutritional supplement company in the world because they trust USANA! Our professional and Olympic athletes are USANA athlete brand ambassadors representing countries from around the world and all levels of sports. USANA applauds these people for their commitment to personal excellence and optimal health.

USANA Partners In Health

USANA partners and collaborates with the leading minds in the field of health and wellness. Our partners want to share their knowledge and expertise with you!

USANA has been a Trusted Sponsorship Partner with the Dr. Oz Show since 2015 and has been featured on the show many times over. USANA has enjoyed a long-lasting relationship with Dr. Oz through his foundation, HealthCorps®.

USANA scientists and people who use the products have been guests on the show and the products have been featured regularly. Please stay in touch to view our ads and learn more about the many benefits for using USANA health supplements and discover how to gain better health and overall wellness.

USANA partners Celavive Skin Care and board-certified dermatologist who will share the many benefits by performing good skincare every day, We couldn’t be more excited than having the experts with us! Doctors who specialize in diagnosing and managing skin health chose to partner with USANA because they believe in USANA skincare products that incorporate advanced InCelligence Technology while providing amazing skincare ingredients.

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