Health Starts With USANA Nutritional Products

USANA is determined to offer you nutritional products formulated to support your cells. Your cells are where your health comes from.

USANA MyHealthPak

This is USANA’s custom combination of your chosen supplements which are available in Am or PM packs. You are unique. Depends on your age, you lifestyle, your challenges, your goals, your body’s needs are unique. That’s where myHealthPak comes in. MyHealthPak takes supplements packs, customized just for you. Making it easy to get nutrition you need every day. No matter how busy your life gets, no matter where life takes you, you have exactly what you need all in one packet that goes with you anytime anywhere. Setting up and order your MyHealthPak couldn’t be easier, just go to the MyHealthPak builder online on USANA Store, and drag and drop the supplements you want, you AM and PM packs can be different, and they can each have up to 8 tablets. MyHealthPak is the only place where you will find USANA Superbills, concentrated doses of your favorite USANA Supplements, so you can take fewer pills and still get the same health benefits. Join USANA Preferred Customer program and get your customized USANA Nutrition today!

USANA CellSentials

Nutrition for cells is the foundation for good health. That said, there is no replacement for a good, healthy diet. USANA CellSentials will help you get the best amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body must have to function properly. This product is now armed with our USANA
InCelligence Technology, for our best-selling supplement to reprogram cellular aging and promote improved long-term health.

USANA HealthPak

HealthPak offers a complete daily supplement of USANA CellSentials, USANA MagneCal D, and our exclusive CellSentials Booster in AM/PM packets.

USANA CellSentials

  • This product offers advanced levels of micronutrients to protect, nourish, and renew your cells.
  • USANA Core Minerals and Vita Antioxidants work to support the foundation for dynamic health.

USANA Mood Support & Relaxation

You should take an aggressive foot forward with USANA’s mood and relaxation products to help you deal with the many challenges in your life.

Stress Relief

USANA Stress Relief is a product made from an excellent combination of herbs to create an active formula that supports GABA receptors in the brain for regulating moods.

USANA Pure Rest

This product will help you sleep and wake in natural cycles.

USANA Calm Response

This is a topical balm formulated with excellent pure essential oils including lavender, bergamot, and ylang ylang. These oils promote feelings of calm while providing a centered disposition.

USANA Auto Order

When you sign up for USANA Preferred Customer Program and USANA Autoship Order, you will receive an automatic shipment for your favorite USANA products every four weeks. You will also receive 10% off the Preferred Price for all eligible products.

USANA Cardiovascular & Nervous Systems

If you don’t know it, your cardiovascular system circulates your blood which delivers nutrients, oxygen, and blood cells through your body.

On the other hand, your nervous system will collect and process information both from inside as well as outside your body. It sends important commands to your muscles and glads.

USANA Product Support

• It supports cellular production
• Acute memory function and cognition support
• Long-term health support for your eyes.

Cells are considered the molecules of life by functioning in every part of the body. Your health depends on regenerating and repairing your cells to keep them working properly.

USANA CoQuinone® 100

Find cardiovascular health and joint support

USANA Vitamin D

Helps stop the deficiency of vitamin D while supporting the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

USANA Proflavanol® C200

  • USANA product will support the immune system using echinacea, elderberry, zinc, and our unique blend of Poly C vitamin C.
  • Offers excellent support for a healthy immunity system, even during times of stress.

Endocrine System

This is a conglomerate of glands that regulate your body to create hormones which are known as our chemical messengers. These hormones affect a variety of glands in your body.

USANA Palmetto Plus™

Supports a healthy prostate.

USANA EstroPro™

Offers temporary relief from perimenopause symptoms. The symptoms include irregular periods, sleep issues, and hot flashes. Other symptoms include changes in moods, vaginal and bladder issues, a decrease in fertility, sexual functional changes, the loss of bone, and changes with your cholesterol levels.

USANA MagneCal D Chewable

Your bones, cartilage, and connective tissues make up your skeletal system. This is the very important framework of your body that offers support and gives you a large range of movements while protecting your internal organs.

Our products will help you maintain strong, mineral-rich bones.

  • Added bone health support.
  • Maintain healthy cartilage to support your joint’s health.
  • Our product has added calcium to support your bones and proper cardiovascular functions.

USANA® Digestive Enzyme

  • Get support for a healthy digestive system and sound immune system.
  • Have the support you need for a healthy digestion along with natural detoxification support.
  • Order today via USANA Store

USANA 5-Day RESET Weight-Loss Kit

You can turn your body’s life around with USANA’s 5-Day RESET Weight-Loss Kit. Just replace 3 meals a day with USANA’s delicious and nutritionally balanced shakes. Have your USANA® supplements, eat whole foods, low glycemic snacks, and practice healthy eating habits. USANA’s weight-loss plan will lower your caloric intake and recommends moderate exercise for the best results.

As with any product, we strongly suggest you talk with your doctor and take any advice he or she might offer:

• A change in your diet
• Beginning an exercise program
• Are you pregnant or lactating?
• Do you suffer from allergies, taking any medications, or under the care of a doctor.

The USANA’s 5-Day RESET program is not for children under the age of 18 unless advised by your doctor or dietitian.

The USANA’s Rev3 Energy Drink

This is a powerful energy drink with a crisp taste and give you the extra boost you need to get through the day.

• No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners
• Fructose and evaporated cane juice syrup for the sweetener.
• Contains an Energy Complex with L-carnitine, tea, ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, cacao, ribose, and Coenzyme Q10.
• Vitamins and minerals
• 105 calories per container.

USANA Rev3 Energy Surge Pack

Lemon tea flavor, mix the pack with hot water for a healthy, energizing start to your day.

• No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors
• Sweetened with fructose and honey powder.
• Contains ginseng, green tea, and Rhodiola rosea.
• 10 calories per container.

USANA MySmart™ Protein Plus Booster

USANA MySmart protein shakes are the perfect way to start your day. Add your favorite glycemic fruit, vegetables, or extracts to customize.

USANA® WholeBio™ Microbiome Nutrition Bar

These chocolate bars are made from natural sweet ingredients along with plant-based protein and probiotics blends.

• The nutrient-rich formula will keep you full for a longer period of time.
• Easy to carry and ideal for on-the-go snacking
• Offers a rich, delicious flavor

USANA Is For All Generations

As I’m sure you know, good nutrition is a critical part for your health but especially for children, even before they are born. USANA has a complete line of CellSentials to give every family member a healthy get-up-and-go to start the day.

Children need good essential nutrients. Parents should have a well-balanced nutritional plan that includes high-quality vitamin and mineral supplements along with a healthy diet.

USANA Company Offers:

• A comprehensive supplement for pregnant women and their babies.
• Chewable daily vitamins for children.
• Help teens recoup from their bad eating habits.
• Support healthy brains and bodies.

USANA Preferred Customer Discounts

Anytime you purchase through your USANA’s Preferred Customer account, you will get special pricing which is 10% off on everything your order from USANA Store. Just log in to your preferred customer account and enjoy all USANA products at discounted prices.

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