About USANA Products

USANA is the Cellular Nutritional Company for Building a Foundation for Health!

What you might not realize, your body constantly produces billions of new cells every single day. Your cells need nutrition to grow and multiply. Providing the proper nutritional elements for your cells is critical for good health.

In small amounts, micronutrients are the combination of vitamins and minerals needed for your body. They have a critical impact on your body’s health. A deficiency in either will cause severe and possible life-threatening conditions. These elements are required by organisms throughout your life to organize physiological functions in order to maintain good health.

Micronutrients are a combination of minerals and vitamins for excellent development of your metabolism. Vitamins are critical for normal healthy growth and overall development. Minerals are valuable components for enzymes and enzyme systems your body needs. Micronutrients support your immune system while regulating your metabolism and improve your digestion.

Diet and nutrition are very important factors to maintain good health. Making healthy dietary choices will remain on the rise and not declining, allowing your body to perform at its very best. When you add high quality vitamin and mineral supplements to a balanced diet and creating a good exercise routine, will make it easier to gain overall health.

You know you are special and your health regimen should be special as well. You should have a personalized nutritional plan that caters to your micronutrient requirements and needs. If you want clearer thinking and perform at your very best, USANA products are for you.

Is Your Body In A State of Constant Flux?

Your tissues and cells are constantly rebuilding, renewing, and regenerating. They need vitamins and minerals to keep up with these processes for many critical reasons:

You might not know it, but your blood supply is renewed every three to four months. Every 6 months, proteins are being replaced. You probably believe your skeleton is permanent but in reality that too is renewed and altered approximately every 10 years.

Your Body’s Alterations

USANA InCelligence Technology is a process for valuable nutrients for cells to improve the body’s natural capability to deal stress while supporting the aging process.

Hybrid Technology is the state-of-the-art technique that features bilayer tableting which allows previous products to join together in a single formula. Bilayer tableting is a technology that separates two incompatible substances.

Olivol® is USANA’s extract that has antioxidant polyphenols from olives.

USANA Poly C is a patented combination of mineral ascorbates that offer a better proportion of a drug that enters the circulation when introduced into the body for an active effect vs only ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. Get it from USANA Store or even better, save 10% by becoming a USANA Preferred Customer.

MyHealthPak is our product that allows you to create your own morning or evening supplement packs.

USANA’s Research & Development Team

USANA has more than 60 employed scientists, nutritional biochemists, molecular and cellular biologist, pharmacists, and science experts involved in sports. These employees research and create products for the latest nutritional findings. They work in the most advanced labs to test and study in order to improve our products.

We see to it that an enormous of amount of research is put into each one of our products. Our scientists collaborate with each other along with distinguished institutions.