Train Your Brain

While it’s important for kids to get outside and exercise their bodies this summer, entertaining mental games can put their brain through a few rounds of calisthenics and get them ready to face the new school year in tip-top shape.

Here are some suggestions to get started on an effective cerebral workout:

Big words. Take turns providing an uncommon word. Have everyone look it up and use it in everyday conversation, then share reactions. A few to try: inculcate, obsequious, and verisimilitude.

Hide and seek. Hide a small treat (such as a toy or book) in a pal’s room or house, then give cryptic clues to the hiding spot. Have the friend do the same, and compare to see which of you can find the prize faster.

Rap it up. Write “How I spent my summer vacation” stories in different song or poetry styles. Rhyme and other devices can bring a deeper understanding of language and communication.

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