Tag Team

Unified progress gains momentum not just from individual contributions, but from synergy of the team itself. Unbridle a collective ambition with these team-motivating tips:

Coordinate conformity. Give your troupe its own identity with a team name. Consider expanding it with a tag line or motto that describes your group’s mission or membership.

Delegate a director. While too many heads will inevitably butt, a decapitated team won’t fare well either. Select a captain who can lead and inspire without suffocation, coordinate meetings, offer encouraging words, and communicate clearly.

Produce paraphernalia. Coaches prompt anyone reaching for a goal to write it down. Go one better: brand your name and objective on matching T-shirts, buttons, or hats. Make up water bottles or coffee mugs as mementos for each team member. When you invest in your team, you’ll care more about its outcome. And a little public advertising can light motivational fires.

Train and celebrate together. Plan 1-2 training walks with teammates each week. Host regular goal parties, even if they’re in the office lounge over coffee. Reward a member weekly with a small token of appreciation — gift card, keychain, CD. You’ll be amazed how far a pat on the back will go.

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