Luck of the Optimist

Studies find that “lucky” people are actually just more optimistic than their doom–and–gloom counterparts. Individuals who believe in their abilities are more apt to work them to their advantage — whether it’s in achieving goals or overcoming obstacles. And a positive personality is just more attractive, which means you’ll garner more opportunities to build relationships and excel in your pursuits.

Make your own luck with these tips for mastering your fate:

  • Increase your odds of good fortune by expecting it to happen. Imagine every day that your goal is in your past, not your future. If you’ve already visualized reaching it, you’ll be programmed to experience it.
  • Embrace lemons by adding your own sugar. In other words, focus on what you do, not what happens to you. Look for your own sweetener to pour into any situation.
  • Connect personally… even with strangers. Try to make eye contact and acknowledge every person you meet. Smile as if you know them; even muster a hello. Practiced long enough, you’ll notice an improvement in your confidence… and that is a lucky charm indeed.

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