Peace of Healthy Advice

Recent polls suggest that today’s turbulent economy has 8 out of 10 adults on edge. And while unease about financial woes is valid, anxiety is downright counterproductive. Finding peace is possible… and it can have profound effects on how you handle your situation, the people around you, and your health.

Contentment isn’t the same as complacency. Satisfaction hinges on a positive outlook, where resignation hints at negativity. Appreciating the present can actually drive hope. Perceiving every hurdle and stumbling block as lessons with purpose can sober even the most anxious spirit, so look to your current lot as simply a thread in your life’s tapestry.

Stress unravels through outlets, not inlets. While self-examination is healthy, self-implosion is not. Retreating into a cave when pressure mounts will provide only temporary distraction from your troubles, not actual release of stress. Rather than letting computer games or TV suck you in, step out for a walk. Not only will the exercise and fresh air ease your mind, they’ll inspire and invigorate your soul… helping you draw perspective while encouraging action.

Serenity is often built off simplicity. Chances are you’re frayed because too many demands are pulling you in too many directions. Slow down. De-clutter. Cut back. Uncomplicated actions are usually the wisest — give yourself room.

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