Sure or Smug?

Too much praise can transform poise into pomp, yet only true confidence dissolves conceit. Form a healthy self-esteem with these tips for being sure, not smug:

Recognize strengths and weaknesses… then be humbled by both. Being cocky boasts strengths without confronting weaknesses. To start your confidence campaign, write down 3 qualities you admire about yourself… and 3 areas you could improve. Then build your strong suits, while working on the negative ones.

Compete with yourself, uplift others. Arrogance seeks success by putting others down, while self-belief respects others’ talents and skills. View the accomplishments of people around you not as threats but opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Let your body do the talking. While a flamboyant swagger draws attention, a self-assured walk invites respect. Keep your shoulders back and chin up. Make eye contact and smile at those you encounter. Avoid nervous habits like touching your face, fidgeting, or nail biting. Ask questions about others rather than talking about yourself. Narcissists need to be the topic of discussion, but nothing shows off self-esteem like consideration. Rise above by developing empathy for others and a sense of humor about yourself.

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