All in the Family

If you’re at odds with a friend or relative, it may be hard to let go — especially if you feel you’ve been wronged. But reconciliation has many benefits beyond a copacetic reunion. Even a minor tiff can fester if it’s not resolved, so take some time to discover the importance of forgiveness.

Holding a grudge affects not just the warring parties but everyone around you. Some studies suggest it may even trigger or exacerbate alcohol abuse, high blood pressure, and depression. Forgiveness, on the other hand, allows you to redirect your energy and rebuild trust. Choosing to forgive might be as simple as that — making the choice. As you work through it, remember:

Nobody’s perfect. You’ve probably needed forgiveness yourself at one time or another. Think about how it felt in the other person’s shoes.

You’ve got the power. When you dwell on hurt feelings, you give them significance and control. Decide instead to focus on the positive.

Life is short. Find common ground, agree to disagree, or just make up. You’ll both be better off exchanging laughs and hugs instead of cold shoulders.

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