Take A Step Towards Optimal Nutrition In Your Busy Lifestyle With USANA® Healthpak™

USANA® HealthPak™

Living well on a daily basis has now become possible with this powerful blend of complete nutrition. It also includes advanced formulas helping you to age healthily.

USANA HealthPak makes it easy to obtain the micronutrients your body requires the whole day. You can get advanced nutrition in handy daily packets of core supplements for 28 days.

HealthPak is inclusive of the following

This expertly prepared blend gives your body cells to complete foundational nutrition. What’s more? Owing to the innovative formulas formulated with USANA InCelligence Technology®, your body gets the powerful support for being alive, fresh, and kicking today. Moreover, it also aids in healthy aging for the future.

The following are inclusive of each packet of USANA HealthPak

  • Two Vita-Antioxidant tablets
  • One MagneCal D tablet
  • Two Core Minerals tablets
  • One CellSentials Booster

HealthPak helps you keep up with your busy lifestyle by delivering the optimal health support your body requires as it is formulated with premium quality, bioavailable nutrients.

Better Nutrition Is A Need Of Modern, Busy Lifestyles

Maintaining optimal, consistent nutrient levels in your body are amongst the most important aspects of getting vibrant health. However, when you are having a busy lifestyle, what gets often affected is healthy lifestyle habits and a balanced diet.

To fill the gaps in the present times where pre-packaged meals and fast food is common, an advanced nutritional supplement can help. Moreover, you can ensure your bodily cells get daily nourishment by consuming those supplements two times a day. HealthPak offers handy PM and AM packets of supplements so your cells could achieve the proper nutrition required for thriving with ease.

Comprehensive nutrition builds the basis of comprehensive overall health. The CellSentials offers you a wide array of minerals and vitamins, from A-to-Z. Besides, Vita-Antioxidant and Core Minerals serve as your everyday supplement routine’s cornerstone due to the containment of the added InCelligence Complex, phytonutrients, and other vital nutrients.

You possible not achieve sufficient amounts of these three nutrients, i.e., calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. If you consume leafy greens or dairy foods in limited amounts, a supplement delivering more is more likely to benefit you. The inclusion of one MagneCal D tablet in each HealthPak packet provides additional support for your muscle function, cellular health, energy metabolism, and strong bones.

HealthPak has got a lot more to offer you

People who have a healthy lifestyle, in general, get foundational nutrition with MagneCal D and CellSentials. However, the demand of your body for the active defense of cells possibly increases as a result of poor diet and stress. Adding to it, increasing levels of pollution, toxins, and chemicals in the present times also contribute to this demand. This is for the reason that all those factors lead to oxidative challenges that can gradually overpower the natural defenses of your body.

Consequently, you possibly start feeling older than your actual age due to the increased harm from free radicals from which your DNA and cells suffer.

Using a boost of targeted nutrients can be helpful in keeping your DNA and cells healthy. Doing so also helps in restoring normal, youthful function.

Vita-Antioxidant has the InCelligence Complex, which consists of some of these aging fighters that a generally healthy diet would provide you. On the other hand, the CellSentials Booster, which only the HealthPak contains, provides a concentrated potent cell-defending ingredient’s dose.

The CellSentials Booster Is The Super Protector For Your Cells:

The entire formulation of a unique supplement, i.e., the CellSentials Booster, took place using USANA InCelligence Technology. This means there occurred a careful selection of all of the ingredients as they can have an impact on the characteristic signaling pathways of cells that aid in fighting the cellular aging effects of the current world.

The cell activating ingredients that it includes are as follows:

Olivol® Olive-Fruit Extract:

The unique Olivol ingredient by USANA offers the Mediterranean diet’s benefits. The extract consists of olive-oil production’s by-products that you cannot find anywhere else in nature. As well as that, it comprises olive fruit’s phenolic compounds (antioxidants type). On a daily basis, the CellSentials Booster, in combination with the InCelligence Complex, provides 50 mg of Olivol’s powerful cellular defense in total.

Pterocarpus Marsupium:

(Containing Pterostilbene)
Similar to resveratrol chemically but with considerably advanced activity in the body, Pterostilbene is the finest ingredient. Each tablet of CellSentials Booster comprises 50 mg of Pterocarpus marsupium (containing pterostilbene in 5 mg amount). Pterocarpus marsupium is the derivative of the heartwood and bark of a large tree commonly growing in Sri Lanka and India named Indian Kino.

Pterostilbene belongs to a phytonutrient’s group recognized as stilbenoids. While responding to stresses, plants produce stilbenoids for their protection. The natural extract is inclusive of several polyphenolic compounds (antioxidant type). Owing to the concentrated stilbenoids activity, pterostilbene is a superior modulator of the cellular signaling pathways that the CellSentials Booster target.

Alpha Lipoic Acid:

As a result of linoleic acid’s breakdown in the body, there occurs natural production of a medium-chain fatty acid named alpha-lipoic acid. It is regarded as amongst the most powerful antioxidants. On the one hand, it is a glutathione’s precursor. On the other hand, it helps in regenerating other antioxidants. Being soluble in both fat and water, it functions in all tissues and cells all over the body.

Since alpha-lipoic acid is present in limited/low amounts in most foods, the best way to increase its levels in the body is by supplementation. You can achieve a total of 250 mg of alpha-lipoic acid daily with the help of the CellSentials Booster comprising of more than twice the amount in comparison to the InCelligence Complex.


The CellSentials Booster contains around twice as much amount of quercetin as is present in the InCelligence Complex. This is for the reason that it is a greatly powerful signaling compound. Many vegetables and fruits, including apples, grapes, and onions, are inclusive of this plant flavonoid.
Quercetin can provide many health benefits. For maximizing activity, it interacts with other nutrients too. The formulation of both the InCelligence Complex and The CellSentials Booster took place using quercetin dehydrate, having the optimum bioavailability. Your body can achieve quercetin in 180 mg/day when consumed together.

Advanced Cellular Protection Makes You Feel Healthier For Longer:

The exclusive CellSentials Booster by USANA can effectively help in resetting your cells to their youthful, normal state as well as protecting against premature aging. It targets a wide network of cellular signaling pathways to accomplish this purpose.

In the CellSentials, its four effective nutrients form the renewal activity and defense that the InCelligence Complex target:

Sparking renewal of mitochondria (your cell’s part that generates energy). Its target is the cellular signaling pathway that starts off the process of mitophagy. In this process, the breakdown and removal of damaged mitochondria take place that the formation of cellular energy leaves behind.

This aids in the preservation of cellular efficiency for the production of optimum cellular-energy.

Activating the production of cells of their own antioxidants, e.g., superoxide dismutase and glutathione.

A strong protection mechanism against oxidative damage is endogenous antioxidants (those formed inside your body), which can safeguard cellular function’s health and longevity.

The CellSentials Booster’s ingredients have exhibited further signaling pathway’s effects. Your body can get significantly more benefits due to the advanced active ingredient levels in addition to the InCelligence Complex’s ingredients.

The target of CellSentials Booster is a cellular signaling path that promotes a healthy, normal response to stress. Plus, it also keeps clear some cellular signaling paths. This is important for the transmitting and receiving molecular messages for the normal, healthy cellular function’s maintenance.

Possibly the pathway linked with cellular lifecycle regulation is the most important pathway that comes under the influence of the CellSentials Booster.

To put it simply, cells maintain homeostasis. For the most basic part, homeostasis is the steady and balanced state of bodily internal, chemical, and physical conditions that the cells maintain. They keep track of the environment and react or respond to keep with the balance constantly. The production of proteins causes the degradation of other proteins. As one cell dies, the formation of another cell takes place. The body tightly regulates this very complex process.

Maintaining this steady, normal balance is the goal. Your cells normally maintain this balance when you are healthy and young. To preserve this function is vital as you get old. Therefore, when there occurs the division of healthy cells into new cells, those new cells are considered healthy.

A transcription factor is there acting as a cellular monitor. This transcription factor is a protein that gets attached to DNA for starting or stopping a cellular function. This transcription factor administers the lifecycle of cells. Regulating a gene’s normal expression as well as other messenger molecules that influence many significant healthy cellular activities is its job. But, this transcription factor can become less efficient or unable to do optimal functioning with age.

The USANA CellSentials Booster aims at the pathway for this function of monitoring the cell to help make sure its health. This way, your DNA, cells, and genes will remain normal and keep acting youthful.

The Cellsentials Booster Helps Redefine Aging:

Making use of the USANA’s InCelligence Technology for affecting the above-stated signaling pathways (probably many other unexplored signaling pathways, too) can be helpful in redefining some of the declines usually linked with aging. With the help of the CellSentials Booster, your body becomes accustomed to stress and safeguard the healthy function of cells for the long-term. This way, it serves beneficially to many of your health aspects with the inclusion of the following:

Brain And Nerve Health:

You don’t need to reconsider when it comes to the importance of your brain health’s protection. Safeguarding the cells of your brain, in particular as you get old, is crucial for mental sharpness, mood, behavior, and memory. The CellSentials Booster’s ingredients have shown efficacy for protecting the normal function of the nerve and brain.

Promoting the healthy circulation of blood and the health of mitochondria with the CellSentials Booster is also significant. This is because it has to do with the delivery of nutrients, blood, and cellular energy to your brain to aid in powering mental function. The maintenance of healthy nerves is important to send and receive messages from the brain all over the body.

Cardiovascular/Heart And Metabolic Health:

Your heart deserves love, so you need to give that to it. Many ingredients that the CellSentials Booster contains have been found to support normal, healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Promoting these normal and healthy levels are only possible if they are in a healthy range already.

One vital aspect of heart health is healthy blood flow or circulation. Nitric oxide’s bioavailability in vessels can lessen/ get reduced due to oxidative stress. Endothelium (cells lining your blood vessels) produces nitric oxide. Upon releasing, nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels for ease of blood flow through them. The CellSentials Booster’s ingredients aid in safeguarding endothelial cells from oxidative damage.

For the protection of the long-term health of your blood vessels and nerve, keeping with healthy blood glucose levels is also vital. The CellSentials Booster can help you maintain these levels. This healthful supplement includes several ingredients that can help keep healthy levels of blood glucose already in the normal range.

Skin Health:

Your environment influences your outer appearance, i.e., your food intake and the beauty products you use on your skin. You can get the essential nutrients your body needs for supporting healthy skin through the CellSentials in HealthPak. Plus, the cellular antioxidants formed inside your body can also be helpful in defending your skin cells from the destructive effects that environmental or lifestyle challenges possibly put on your appearance.

USANA HealthPak™ – Comprehensive And The Most Advanced Nutrition Available Anywhere, Anytime For You

Here are its key Ingredients:

  • CellSentials
  • Quercetin
  • magical D
  • Pterostilbene
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Olivia

About Usage:

It is a Certified Kosher (U.S. formula) that advisable to take one pack of USANA Healthpak in the morning and one in the evening with meals. Keep out of reach of kids. People who are childbearing, nursing, consuming a prescription drug, or having a health condition need to consult their physician.

Best For: All generally healthy adults of age 18 and above.

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