How Vitamin K2 By Usana Works to Build Stronger Bones And a Healthier Heart?

Joint pain, backache, and weak bones is like an epidemic of the century. Due to the fact that vitamin K2 is a much-ignored nutrition that actually strengthens bone and heart health.

But, don’t you take your multivitamins regularly along with following a very healthy diet and routine? If yes, that must be sufficient for your heart particularly and bone health too.

However, we must reveal to you the truth—it’s not adequate yet.

In fact, your multivitamins, calcium, and iron supplements, or omega-3 fish oil capsules cannot fill the void for vitamin K2.

Rather, recent research revealed that vitamin K2 is necessary for you to age beautifully and healthfully.

Why Is USANA® Vitamin K2 Necessary for You?

If you are taking your calcium and vitamin D supplements, it’s necessary to fulfil the deficiency of vitamin K2 as well. Vitamin K2 is essential for maximum absorption of calcium by the bones.

Take your USANA Vitamin K2 tablet every day to experience tremendous health benefits:

  1. Maintains Cardiac Health:

Vitamin K2 works by preventing calcium from getting absorbed into the soft tissues of bones and muscles. This plays a vital role is maintaining healthy cardiovascular functions.

  1. Directs Calcium Right Direction:

The vitamin K2 directs the calcium to move to the right place for maximum absorption by the body.

A high quality vitamin K2 supplement ensures efficient absorption of vitamin by the blood and effective strengthening of your heart and bones. USANA® Vitamin K2 is manufactured to deliver effectiveness and efficiency.

Vitamin K2—Complimentary Supplement for Calcium

For decades, the health professionals emphasize taking calcium supplements for bone strength.

Recently, research showed how calcium is only half side of the coin.

Magnesium and vitamin D gained global importance for playing an essential role in helping the bones absorb calcium. Along with it, the most-overlooked nutrient ‘vitamin K’ is amongst the most important nutrition for bone strength and health.

Types of Vitamin K

There are, in actual, two variants of vitamin K:

Vitamin K1 (Phylloquinone):

Vitamin K1 supports regular blood clotting function. Our liver utilizes vitamin K1 for the coagulation process, which is imperative for survival.

It is mostly found in leafy greens in rich amount.

Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone):

Vitamin K2 plays a major part in boosting long-term bone health by helping the body to efficiently utilize calcium.

Amazingly, vitamin K2 is naturally present in your tissue cells for promoting cardiovascular and bone health. Basically, K1 is converted to K2 within tissue cells. Moreover, it is also produced by bacteria present in your gastrointestinal tract to support digestion.

It is also richly found in fermented foods such as natto (a traditional Japanese cuisine) and in less processed animal products.

Yet, the deficiency of K2 can impact long-term health of your bones and joints.

USANA Vitamin K2 and Dietary Needs

The daily recommended need of vitamin K is about 90 mcg for women and 120 mg for men.

And, unfortunately, now-a-days Western diets provide inadequate quantity of vitamin K2. In addition to it, the plant dietary sources (turnips, spinach, etc.) have very low bioavailability (the efficiency of getting absorbed by the blood).

Apart from that, our body recycles vitamin K present in our body and stores only a minimum amount. Thus, it is essential to replace the depleted amount regularly. Otherwise, the deficiency of vitamin K increases with growing age.

USANA offers up to 180 mcg supply of Vitamin K2 that is more bioavailable. It delivers sufficient quantity of vitamin that circulates in your blood.

Why Choose USANA’s Vitamin K2 Supplement?

USANA is a renowned and trusted brand of supplements and health care products globally.

USANA’s Vitamin K2 delivers purest form of vitamin K that is more bioavailable. The supplement offers extra supply of vitamin K2 to have additional amount in reserve for the body.

Vitamin K2 arrives in multiple varieties, MK (Menaquinone) with a number to demonstrate the molecular structure. Usually, supplements contain vitamin K2 in two popular forms: MK-4 and MK7 because they are most-studied forms.

As for USANA supplements, MK-7 is chosen for its longevity and flexibility. MK-7, later, converts into MK-4 after entering the body. Moreover, MK-7 delivers a long-term supply of vitamin K2 inside the body. Therefore, a single dose of USANA supplement can satisfy your daily dietary need of vitamin K2.

Usually, when raw material blends of vitamin K2 are formulated, they are unstable that causes the supplements to lose potency and effectiveness. Thus, there is a greater chance that most part of vitamin K formulation is less nutritious than what is written on the label.

In comparison, vitamin K2 formulated exclusively by USANA utilizes the MK-7 formula that has double coats. The coated form protects the potency of the vitamin K formulation.

In fact, the USANA Vitamin K2 capsules have higher absorption ability when consumed after a meal. As it is a fat-soluble vitamin, it works efficiently if you take it with dietary fat.

What Vitamin K2 Does to Your Body?

Vitamin K2 basically boosts calcium metabolism and absorption.

As you age, the deficiency of vitamin K2 increases, which is a great reason behind osteoporosis and bone fractures. Thus, it is the hour of need where you should focus on taking your vitamin K supplements too.

Apart from that, osteoporosis is a global cause of fractures. Surprisingly, over 8.9 million people today experience bone fractures annually, especially elderly women.

Where vitamin K2 functions by boosting the metabolism of calcium and helping in the absorption of calcium into your bones. This reduces the chances of bone and joint diseases.

Moreover, support the natural body’s renewal process by supplementing your nutrition-deficient Western diet with health supplements. Where vitamin K supplements are mostly overlooked yet it is the most essential one for bone strength and long-term health.

In other words, your bones are constantly being renewed—old cells are replaced by new ones. Basically, when calcium and other vital nutrients are used up from bones (also known as resorption), old bones cells or tissues are replaced by new cells or tissues.

Also, the nutritional deficiency in bones is replenished by the micronutrients present in our food.

Thus, it is imperative to consume a balanced intake of all vital nutrients to support the remodeling process and help build stronger bones.

And, not only do you need vitamin K, but also sufficient amount of magnesium, vitamin D, and calcium are necessary.

USANA’s Vitamin K2 delivers an ample amount of vitamin K supplement for stronger and sturdier bones. Along with it, USANA MagneCal D does all the magic for you.

How USANA’s Vitamin K2 Works Inside Your Body?

Several proteins involved in the remodeling process of bones are greatly dependent on vitamin K2. Osteocalcin, a main protein, helps in establishing a matrix—the bone organization structure—for bones.

First, vitamin D3 releases osteocalcin. But, it need vitamin K2 for its activation. It’s a critical process because this activation aids in helping ‘calcium’ stick to or be absorbed inside the newer bone.

However, there is more to benefits of vitamin K2 in terms of supporting bone health. It plays a role in turning on or off a few genes involved in bone remodeling. The action balances the resorption process—so there are fewer chances of fractures and bone remodeling completes in a balanced ratio.

The need for vitamin K2 grows as you age, particularly to preserve bone density. Mostly, after menopause, women begin to lose bone density at a greater scale than before due to drastic hormonal changes. Vitamin K2 helps protects bone density and health and reduces bone loss occurring at later stage of life.

A research involved healthy postmenopausal women who took 180 mcg of vitamin K2 (MK-7) form. The surprising results showed that the supplement tremendously boosted vitamin K content and helped in maintaining bone density of the spine and neck muscles. It also helped in retaining bone strength.

A related research reveals that vitamin K can decrease spinal fracture by almost 60%, hip fractures by as much as 77%, and other bone fractures by 81%.

Another study showed that women older than 70 years had higher level of inactivated osteocalcin. Those women has lesser bone weight and density. Therefore, vitamin K2 is necessary for bone stability.

Most of all, who wouldn’t wish to have strong bones to support their active lifestyle? Know that if your body is not getting enough vitamin K2, healthy bone density and mineralization can only be in your dreams. It cannot be emphasized enough that vitamin K2 is necessary for absorption of calcium by the bones.

And as it boosts calcium absorption, vitamin K2 also benefits your oral health. With age, dental health becomes essential as your jaws and teeth become weak. Ultimately, vitamin K2 is the real solution beyond what calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D can do.

Vitamin K2 Directs Calcium Rightly to Protect Cardiac Health

Usually, when calcium is not absorbed properly into your bones, there is a chance that calcium get absorbed into the soft tissues of heart, leading to rigidity in their walls.

In contrast, USANA Vitamin K2 helps in maintaining the flexibility of arteries to regular normal cardiac functions. It simply moves calcium in the right direction.

Vitamin K2 in the form of MK-7 supports cardiovascular health by activating a protein named matrix Gla. Found in soft tissues, cartilage, and blood vessels of heart, it basically binds with calcium to prevent it from getting absorbed into cardiac soft tissues.

Thus, vitamin K2 is a necessary supplement for anyone who is consuming calcium for bone health.

USANA’s Vitamin K2 ensures good circulation of blood to help your maintain a healthier lifestyle. It pairs well with Proflavanol C to assist in blood circulation.

Details About USANA Vitamin K2—Stronger Bones and Healthy Heart

Benefits You Get:

In short, here’s what you get by choosing USANA Vitamin K2:

  • More bioavailable vitamin K2
  • Additional supply of vitamin K2
  • USANA uses MK-7 formula for a long time supply of vitamin K2
  • Fat-soluble vitamin that absorbs faster with dietary fats
  • In double-coated capsule form to maintain the potency of the formulation
  • Most of all, prevents age-related weak bone diseases such as osteoporosis, etc.

How to Consume It?

Take only a single dosage of 180 mcg vitamin K with dietary fat food.

Who Should Take It?

A superb supplement for healthy adults, postmenopausal women, or anyone taking additional vitamin D or calcium supplements.

FAQ About USANA Vitamin K2

  • Can you take the supplement when you are on a blood-thinning medication?

It’s better to discuss with your physician whether you can take USANA vitamin K supplement (composed of CellSentials and HealthPak tech along with vitamin D and vitamin K2) with the physician.

  • Why is vitamin K2 formulated separately from MagneCalD?

Vitamin K2 formulations need to be carefully prepared as it can degrade or lose its potency if blended with other nutrients. USANA utilizes amongst the most stable vitamin K2 form (MK-7) that is double-coated inside a capsule to preserve its potency. Thus, it ensures that the user get a high quality supplement containing the dosage/quantity as mentioned on the label.

Moreover, a separate supplement of vitamin K2 is formulated so that those who are on blood-thinning medications can monitor or even discontinue their vitamin K intake as per the advice of their doctor. However, they can still enjoy the benefits of MagneCalD.

However, latest research reveals vitamin K2 is not sufficient for bone and dental health alone. It is necessary to take calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium supplement as well.

  • What are the Differences between Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2?

Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2 perform two separate functions in your body. Vitamin K1, present in leafy greens, functions as a coenzyme to perform the function of blood clotting. While vitamin K2, found in dairy products, meat, eggs, and fermented foods such as natto, strengthens bone health. Vitamin K2 is naturally produced by the gastrointestinal microbes. It supports cardiovascular health as well.

  • What role vitamin K2 plays in our body?

The main role of vitamin K2 is to support natural renewal process of bones by directing calcium to the right place for maximum absorption. It also helps in maintaining flexible and healthy blood vessels for cardiovascular health. A deficiency of vitamin K2 leads to weaker bones and teeth as you age. It is one of the major preventative supplement of osteoporosis in elderly people.

  • Is consuming vitamin K2 supplement the only way out?

Latest research shows that people are mostly deficient in vitamin K2 and do not have sufficient quantity of vitamin K2 in their diet. Rather, it is less bioavailable as well in dietary items. Thus, a supplement is the best way to enhance the levels of vitamin K2 in your body.

  • What dosage do you get from USANA Vitamin K2 supplement?

Each double coated capsule of vitamin K2 encloses potent 180 mcg of vitamin K2. For adults, it is recommended to consume 1 tablet per day.

  • Should children take Vitamin K2 supplements?

Usually, it is not recommended for children to take supplements except if the child specialist recommends it. It’s better to keep away from the reach of children as it can choke them.

  • Is it alright to take USANA Vitamin K2 along with other medicines?

It is always better to take physician’s advice to check for any interaction of vitamin K2 supplement with other medications. Most importantly, if you are on anticoagulation medications, you must ask for your doctor’s advice.

  • Can you take USANA Vitamin K2 in pregnancy?

Before taking any dietary supplements during pregnancy, always consult the doctor.

  • What form of Vitamin K2 is present in USANA Vitamin K2 supplement?

USANA Vitamin K2 contains highly potent form—MK-7. This form is beneficial as it remains active inside the body for longer compared to MK-4. It is also well-absorbed by the body and is converted to its other forms—MK-4.

  • Is Vitamin K2 present in other USANA products?

A small quantity of vitamin K2 and vitamin K1 is added in USANA VitaAntioxidant for your overall nutritional health. Vitamin K2 is also added in USANA Vitamin D for additional bone strength and support. But, these blends do not have potent form of vitamin K2 as it is formulated separately. Moreover, if you are taking USANA MagneCal D, it is recommended to consume Vitamin K2 to ensure maximum benefits for bone health.

  • Which medicines or supplements work best with USANA Vitamin k2?

There are several USANA products that can be safely paired with Vitamin K2 supplement. USANA aims to support your overall health and support body’s natural mechanism while replenishing the void created by nutritional deficiencies. Here are a few supplements you can consider taking:

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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