USANA® Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is an excellent supplement for heart, bone, and joint health.

USANA’s super-effective Vitamin K2 supplement is composed with a unique strain of MK7, that is, vitamin K2. The vitamin specializes in optimizing the body’s regular processes to activate magnesium, calcium and vitamin D for improved bone and joint health due to aging. Altogether, the optimized level of minerals and vitamins betters cardiac health.

USANA Vitamin K2 is a package of nutrients for bone and joint strength:

  • Assists in maintaining healthy blood vessels, improving blood circulation and keeping blood pressure level within required limits.
  • Positively impacts bone health by increasing its mineral density
  • Offers improved cardiac functions by helping the body to efficiently distribute calcium for activation.
  • Helps with metabolism of calcium and its activation for improved bone and dental health.

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