USANA healthPak

USANA Vitamins HealthPak Provides the full daily dose of the top-rated USANA Essentials (Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral), includes Active Calcium™, a core USANA Optimizer and USANA’s unique AO Booster™ for added antioxidant protection.

What was upgraded in the new (2009) AO Booster?

Two ingredient amounts have been increased in the new AO Booster:

Resveratrol: 15mg per tablet (previously 2mg)
Alpha-Lipoic Acid: 90mg per tablet (previously 30mg)
One ingredient amount remains the same:

Grape Seed Extract: 45mg per tablet

Several minor ingredients have been removed from the product:

Turmeric Extract
Rosemary Extract
Green Tea Extract

Turmeric extract and green tea extract continue to be provided in each Mega Antioxidant tablet.

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