Top Shower Head Options Of 2021

If you have interacted with shower heads enough, you would realize that they are not all the same. Some shower heads appear to be better off. In times like these, when we spend more of our time indoors, it will make a lot of sense to rethink our shower head and make them better if possible. You can get started by first answering these questions: do you prefer the rain shower setup? Or you like it when your back muscles are hit with high-pressure water facing you directly? Secondly, you need a shower head that’s of high-quality, looks great, doesn’t leak, and more importantly, delivers the kind of shower you need.

To assist you with your selection, outlined below are a number of reliable and trusted shower heads that are available in the market.

  • Best shower head overall: Kohler Forte Shower Head
  • The best of low-pressure shower’ heads: the Sierra Classic Shower Head
  • Top dual shower’ head: The Moen Attract
  • The best of budget-friendly shower heads: Wassa’ Extreme-Pressure Shower’ Heads

Without a doubt, you are assured of a great shower experience with a Kohler Forte’ Shower Head. It offers three unique settings. Backstory: so many shower heads are fond of the myriad settings which are pretty indecipherable when they are tested. The three sprays are all successful even though they are designed differently. There is the full-coverage, drenching rain shower, the silk spray and pulsating massage setting which has dense mist. Somehow, the Forte can do all these while using just 1.75 gallon every minute, which makes it a good fit for people who want to minimize how they use water.

If your number one priority is to conserve water, then the Sierra Classic Shower Head fits the bill. It limits the flow of water to only 1.5 gallon per minute – that is one whole gallon beneath what federal regulations stipulate. Choosing to stick with a High Sierra would help you save up to six hundred gallons every month, ultimately translating to lesser energy needs. Considering its few parts and small size, the product has a smaller carbon footprint when considered to others. Coupled with all the environmental friendliness, this shower head still does well in ensuring a satisfying shower.

A good treat is what we need every once in a while, which is why Moen Attract Dual Shower Head and Hand Shower Head happens to be one of our recommendations. It has a chrome option that costs $79, whereas the nickel version goes for $89, and the bronze type goes for $99. The Attract gives you the impression you are using the shower in a five star hotel bathroom. With a handheld type of shower head and broad face, you get 3 shower heads all in one: Apply the major shower head, or its hand shower, or the two at once for an unforgettable water bathing experience.

At the low price end, there are still some very good shower heads. The Wassa Extreme-Pressure Shower may be sold for less than $20, but it is capable of delivering a high-pressure water stream from 45 silicone jet, offering you what looks every inch as a massage and rain shower setting.

Best shower head overall: Kohler Forte’s Shower Head (costs $80.96; or $99.25;

The real reason why Kohler Forte tops our list ahead of other options is due to its breathtaking shower experience. Delivering a befitting rainfall spray, comprising full, big water droplets. The shower head’s main setting makes it ideal for everyday use. The high pressure makes it super-easy to get those conditioner and washing shampoo off your hair, and quite useful for washing little kids who cannot come close to the head.

It can equally produce gentle water streams because of the full droplets, courtesy air-induction tech of the product, which ensures 2L of air every minute down the said shower head. While the streams produced by other products seem to come down together, the water droplet from Kohler seems to stand out from one another.

Forte equally has other settings that are fantastic. It produces a pulsating massage capable of targeting certain areas of your body, becoming a fitting shower for your post-workout activities. Also, it has a silk spray settings. Basically, this in an ineffective setting, producing a steam kind of mist that can’t rinse anything. The mist setting of the Forte delivers a thick spray which is super-light yet full enough to take care of your washing needs.

These good qualities are sure with the Forte even though it has a low flow. With 1.75 gallons per minute, this shower head turns out to be WaterSense-certified and in line with California Energy Commission’ regulation.

Elegantly designed, Forte exists in six models – French’ gold hue seems like the hottest thing in the world of bathroom designs, costing you an additional $37 though. This 5.5inches shower head is in between the smallest and biggest shower heads. While you may want to focus on other things, Forte’s slope-shaped and wide head would make a nice blend with no-fills and glamorous bathrooms.

This particular shower head didn’t take us anything to have it installed. In 120secs, we were done with the whole thing. The washer was already preinstalled when we opened it, so our only assignment was having it screwed to the shower’s arm, even though a wrench was recommended for tightening according to the instructions.

Plus, cleaning it is easy. The only possible setback here is the limited warranty of a year. It is about the lowest we found.

If you seek a kind of shower head capable of delivering on all fronts, the Forte ticks all boxes, and is worth every penny you spend on it.

The best of low-pressure shower’ heads, the Sierra Classic Shower Head goes for $39.95 with a starting price of $49.94 on Amazon.

Conserving water in the U.S. and around the world has become a global responsibility. If you are bent on minimizing the quantity of water you are using, you need to know about Sierra Classic. The lowest low-flow head on this list, Classic Plus delivers 1.5 gallon per minute, meeting the WaterSense and CEC approval ratings.

Many people think the low pressure shower’ heads are no good. But, Classic Plus has put all those feelings and thoughts to rest by delivering high-pressure water streams that can rinse off your dirt and soap easily.

Perhaps, the most striking thing about this product is the purity of its production. Made of metal and single-function, this isn’t what you are used to in the industry of shower heads! The weight of this shower head is about 0.5lb yet it can produce a forceful, wide stream capable of rinsing long hair types. There are other eco-friendly features you need to know about this product. It has been manufactured with lesser amount of energy and material.

This shower head nozzle design is unique. Forcing out water via a single orifice, instead of doing so through loads of small silicone jets. Classic Plus cannot be clogged! The design makes it easy to install. Just have it screwed onto the shower’s arm. It is very easy to clean too.

The customized nature of the product was another thing that caught our attention. Existing in four models, Classic Plus flow rates come in 3 flow rate categories (1.5GPM, 1.8GPM, and 2GPM). So if the height of the shower’s arm exceeds 6.5ft, the brand suggests you go for the 1.8GPM or 2GPM options, which oozes out bigger water droplets in order to help achieve maximum rising. Plus, if your aim is to conserve water, its trickle head option would be great because it can allow you turn the valve and cause the water to trickle when shaving or lathering.

Great for outdoor and smaller showers, the Classic Plus gives out a strong and consistent spray considering its small size. In search of something with extra whistles and bells, this shower head won’t do it. But if you like yours simple with constant drenching streams, while water is being conserved, the Classic Plus would be your best bet.

Top dual shower’ head: The Moen Attract ($79, originally $89.98;

By merely staring at Moen Attract, you can see it as a great fit for any glamorous hotel. Looking luxurious and tasteful at the same time, the oversize head of Attract puts it on this list because it has an aesthetic feel and ensures a doozy shower. This particular head has got users raving on the Home Depot page.

The rain shower head gives off a powerful water stream, added to the six sprays through the handheld. In the course of our testing, we were blown away by the 3-in-1 options, whether going for rainfall option from the major head, going for any of its hand-built sprays or using the two for a more enjoyable water coverage.

Not only the water pressure consistency and coverage, we’re equally taken aback by the intuitive design of Attract. Let’s be specific; we are taking of the Magnetix tech, which enables the handheld to be kept in a sort of magnetic dock, enabling it to release and snap back into position effortlessly. Unlike most dual shower head options, where some maneuvering is needed to place the shower head, Attract can easily land on its magnetic dock, which sits conveniently beneath the major head. This genius positioning lets you combine both heads to deliver one big water stream. We also liked the water-saving-friendly trickle/pause button the handheld has – which makes it possible for water flow to be stopped mid-shower when you want to do something else.

The biggest point attraction of Attract is the fact that even though it looks luxurious, it is equally a shower head with high-efficiency, giving out 1.75 gallon per minute, which is on the low side considering the other products we have tested. CEC approved and WaterSense-certified, Attract has proven that low pressure may not always imply a dismal quality.

Like many dual shower head options, Attract comprises added pieces and parts that prolonged our installation. In everything, the entire installation lasted approximately 10mins. Regarding cleaning, the many silicone nozzles can be wiped off easily, while the chrome option was spot-resistant.

Moen Attract is beautifully designed as well. In addition, it is eco-friendly and promises an amazing shower experience. The one reason it is not regarded as number one here is because it’s not everybody that has spaces for dual shower heads.

The best of budget-friendly shower heads: Wassa’ Extreme-Pressure Shower’ Heads (starting at $19.97;

We had no option but to be completely sold when we heard of the features of Wassa Shower Head. Even for a price of $19, it was having as many as 11,000 raving reviews, as well as almost 5.0 star ratings on Amazon. After we tested the head, we confirmed what many of those users were saying; the shower head promises a high pressure rain spray considering its compact head of 3inches size, & budget-friendly price. This shower head does not cost up to $20, in case you missed that.

If you are more concerned about water pressure, this very shower head would make a lot of sense for you. Described as magical and heavenly by many reviewers on Amazon, we were keen to find out what made them so excited about this product. And with every sense of honesty, Wassa did not disappoint. Oozing out water from 45 silicone jet, we discovered the water stream is direct and intense, enabling us to feel every one of the 45 silicone jet coming down upon us. Although a number of amazon reviewers were quick to admit its somewhat extreme pressure for certain uses, we have a contrary opinion. It has a strong pressure, but not strong enough to cause any discomfort whatsoever. And if you had issues with stream coverage, you don’t need to be alarmed, because it has been so designed with a swivel substance that directs the stream away from where you dislike to where you want.

Not without a couple of downsides though, like the 2.5 gallon per minute of the head. While this means it is WaterSense-certified, it is higher compared to other GPMs we tested, making it unsuitable for Californians. It is also a single function shower head with no fancy settings that you can select from. On the other hand, it has a simple design that makes it easy to install and clean.

While Wassa does not have some luxurious feature like others, you can hardly find a shower head that is better for this price. It is quite adequate for many bathrooms.

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