Do Not Sweat It

Do long stretches of summer weather make you a little hot under the collar? Sitting in front of a fan or cranking up the air conditioning aren’t your only options for getting comfortable when it’s hot, dry, or humid. Beat the heat and keep your cool with these fun and frosty ideas:

  • Frozen berries are a refreshing snack that won’t hit you in the waistline — and frozen grapes are a fun alternative to ice cubes.
  • Make a smoothie with 1 cup of low-fat vanilla soy milk and 1/2 to 3/4 cup of frozen fruit or berries — no sweetener necessary, and it’s packed with fiber and nutrients. Freeze your glass ahead of time for a glacial accent.
  • Enjoy a cold summer soup like gazpacho, tomato, or zucchini.

When it’s beastly hot, you may not feel like moving. But getting up and about can help you cool off — and gain a fresh perspective:

  • Head to the public library for some air–conditioned bliss and reading fun
  • Burn off some energy at an indoor ice rink or swimming pool
  • Run through your sprinkler for as long as it takes to feel better
  • Go to a movie or visit an art gallery.

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