Take to the Water

For a no–sweat power workout, it’s hard to beat water exercise — a terrific activity for all ages, fitness levels, and even those with joint problems.

Swimming challenges both upper– and lower–body muscles at the same time. It boosts muscle strength and endurance — as well as cardiovascular fitness — due to water’s resistance.

If you’d like to get in the swim of things, try these water workout ideas:

  • Can’t swim? No problem. Most public pools offer lessons for adult beginners. Don’t be bashful about learning a lifelong sport — at any age.
  • Water fitness classes are fun and good for all levels. Kick, jump, push, and splash your way to better health — in shallow or deep water.
  • Water walking or jogging is a popular way to exercise — and recover from injuries. Walk forward, backward, and sideways — pushing and pulling with cupped palms or water gloves.
  • Lap swimming is a favorite for many. Do the crawl, breast stroke, butterfly, or back stroke — or a combination.
  • Use kickboards, fins, pull buoys, hand paddles, and other training tools to increase resistance, flotation, and propulsion.
  • Join a local US Masters swimming club for expert instruction and healthy competition.

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