Subliminal Programming

Procrastination, laziness, insecurity — they’re negative temptations that masquerade as valid excuses. Snuff out their destructive whispers and kindle determination with positive sparks. The flames of encouragement, duty, and will can ignite an attitude for success.

Speak the language of your subconscious. Thoughts are powerful things, and they can be negotiated using your mind. Refer to yourself in the first person and in the present tense to reflect now versus the future (I am walking 4 miles today). Avoid affirmations using negative words — like not (I’m not tired). Instead focus on the mindset you want to foster (I am charged with energy and vigor).

Imprint visual reminders. Impel your physical and mental willpower by posting motivational notes, positive images or objects, and inspiring mantras or quotes throughout your home or office. Keep it simple. Hang tokens of personal meaning — like a picture of your child, for whom you’ve promised to be healthy, or a role model. Write down the number of daily steps you aim to meet or a weight loss you hope to achieve and pin it everywhere. Seeing reminders often helps form impressions on your mind… where your greatest aspirations and the power to achieve them reside.

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