Double Time

Studies find that partnering up with friends and family — in the gym, on the courts, or for a hike — can increase your productivity. So shut down the solo act for a day and bond over fitness.

  • Cellular connection: Thanks to modern technology, you don’t even have to be in the same state to reap the benefits of rambling and ambling with your favorite chum. While a face–to–face training session might summon a competitive drive, you can still hold one another accountable over the phone. And you can go at your own pace while still staying in touch.
  • Meet and greet: If you can’t convince a cohort to join you for a hike or bike, sign up for club like American Volkssport Association where fellow fitness junkies gather to support and motivate one another out on the trail.
  • Recreational activity: Exercise isn’t just about barbells and treadmills; you can get fit by just staying active. Ask a friend or coworker to go one–on–one for tennis instead of coffee. Or if you’re courting, try a night of dancing instead of a movie. Skip the Friday night happy hour and gather a group for a game of Ultimate Frisbee®.

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