Sitting Pretty

Sit up straight, and don’t slouch is an often–heard phrase. Yet researchers have recently found that sitting upright may actually strain your back muscles. A correct posture — not too upright, not too sagging — can prevent bones from misaligning, reduce back and muscle strain, decrease stress on ligaments, and keep joints functioning smoothly. Some tips:

Stay limber: Adopt a slightly relaxed position at a 135° angle, giving your spine minimal movement

Play fair: Evenly distribute your weight on both hips; don’t favor one side over the other

Explore angles: When sitting, bend knees at right angles at hip level or slightly elevated

Pivot and spin: Use chairs with casters, so you can turn around completely, instead of from the waist

Seize opportunity: Take any chance you get to stand up and move; walking lets you stretch your limbs while stimulating you mentally.

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