Go-Go Gadgets

It only takes 2 feet to walk, but some gadgets and garb could make it more enjoyable and productive. Add pep to your step with these trendy tools:

MP3 player. From the Apple iPod™ to the Microsoft Zune™, digital devices provide listening pleasure through audio files downloaded off your computer. Tap the airwaves with the Creative Zen™ — a non-Mac alternative to the iPod with an FM tuner. Choose quality headphones, and know the battery needs of each device so you can get the equipment best suited to your exercise regimen and budget.

Step monitors. Advanced pedometers offer bells and whistles that function as everything from a heart-rate and calorie-burning monitor to a GPS. Many include upload capabilities that transfer your workouts to computer tracking systems to measure your progress.

Hydration belt. For exceptionally long walks, consider going hands free with this functional waist attachment. Similar to a fanny pack, a hydration belt stashes your keys, cell phone, ID, even water bottles, but secures more snugly to your body.

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