Static postures and dynamic activities at work and home: be aware and be pro-active with computer use, writing, filing, cooking, home projects, etc.

Task rotation:
Alternate use of hands and postures with repetitive activities such as mousing, cooking (opening/stirring, etc), filing, etc. Improve your tools:

o Ergonomic tools now common for cooking, gardening, computer use, etc.

▪ Daily activities, driving, home office, etc. Try to be cognizant of your postures. Carrying bags, purses, etc. It’s vital that loads are spread equally. Avoid heavy loads, small or narrow handles that necessitate increased grip, etc.
▪ Phone use: Cell phone/Blackberry repeated key punching in a restricted space. (deQuervain’s Syndrome)

Sleep positioning
o The primarily objective is to not allow your wrists to ‘fold’ in.
o Ex: Resting splints

Ice vs. heat.
o In general, at the onset of pain, ice is a better choice.
o Contrast bath: the most effective method to reduce inflammation in a hand or wrist via its passive pump mechanism.

Self-care of exercise options:
o Tennis elbow strap: Reduces tensile force applied at attachment of common extensor tendon on elbow
o Resting splints: Optimal night-time positioning for micro-repair
o WristWand: Ergo-break forearm flexibility
o Theraputty: Strengthening. Promotes movement throughout day
o Theraband: Resistance on-the-go. Color-coded tensile strengths
o Theracane: Self-trigger point pressure on muscle knots

Low back extension: Press ups and REIS

• When sitting, remember the 30/30 rule, i.e. for every 30 minutes of sitting, stand up and move about for 30 seconds.
• This reduces the static compression forces on the discs.
• Alternating between sitting and standing improves blood circulation and helps the discs to ‘repair’ micro-damage.

Breathing: 4-7-8

 Diaphragmatic
 Natural tranquilizer for the nervous system
 Inhale quietly through your nose (4 count), hold (7 count) and exhale audibly through your mouth (8 count). Use a cadence that is comfortable for you.
 Exhalation takes twice as long as inhalation
 Try 4 cycles twice daily. Gains in power with repetition and practice
 Use it as a tool throughout the day

Bottom Line

 “Don’t exercise to add years to your life.
 Rather, exercise to add life to your years”.

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