Partner Up

While a solo stroll provides that all-important me time, partnering up has its benefits too. Studies support the advantages of working out with a pal — from the spirit of healthy competition to the prop of camaraderie. Double the benefits of your walk with these motivating tips:

Cordial rivalry encourages courage — calling on you to reveal your goals and be self-disciplined to achieve them. Be bold enough to set objectives you’re unsure you can meet… then share them with your bud; your friend may be just the impetus you need to light a fire under your hooves. Knowing someone else’s eye is on your progress can be that extra edge you need to succeed. And you’ll enhance sportsmanship — an attribute that will serve you in or outside the fitness world.

Walking together provides instant solidarity — be mutual cheerleaders and coaches. Take turns providing motivational quotes or coming up with new challenges to introduce into your walk. Agree on a phrase that defines your goals, then promise to remind one another when the going gets tough. And to keep every adventure interesting, select a new topic of discussion on each outing… and enjoy the conversational side effects that help pass time and distance.

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