Stop Stalling

Today is an opportunity to stop putting off until tomorrow what you can do today. Fortunately, you don’t have to make giant changes overnight — simple steps can jumpstart a healthier lifestyle in seconds. Shift out of neutral with these immediate actions that can have long–term benefits:

  • Floss your teeth: It takes 60 seconds, but the oral hygiene practice can prevent more than tooth decay. Research suggests that periodontal disease may be connected to cardiovascular health — while proper brushing and flossing protects your gums, it also could defend your heart. So slip a minty strand through those chompers now.
  • Breathe: A typical response to stress is shallow breathing — which can cloud clarity, tighten muscles, and raise pulse rate. If the demands of life are leaving you tense, take a moment now to catch your breath. Inhale 10 slow breaths of positive energy and oxygen; then exhale negative thoughts for a quick mental, physical, and spiritual lift.
  • Lend a hand: Studies show that volunteering can enhance psychological and physical wellness. One study even found that older adults who gave back enjoyed greater longevity than those who didn’t. You don’t have to solve world hunger to make a difference — help a coworker with a project, mow a neighbor’s yard, or drop off dinner at a struggling family’s home.

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