Making a Difference

Helping to make the planet a healthier, safer place to live can be overwhelming — it’s hard to know where to begin. You can start with simple steps to contribute to a better and brighter future:

Bag it: Strategically placed bags, baskets, or boxes around your home or office make recycling easier. But be aware: not everything can be recycled. Check with your local recycling center for details.

Park your car for the day: Taking the train, biking, or walking to where you want to go instead of using your car eliminates 15 pounds of air pollution for every 4 miles.

Save the world — and your heating bills: Turning down the thermostat by even 1 degree can make a difference by conserving energy and saving money. Make sure to clean your heating valves and ducts regularly to increase efficiency.

Pull the plug: Skip the bathtub and take a quick shower instead. The average bath uses around 20 gallons of water, while the average shower uses half that amount. With a handheld shower, you can direct the flow and save even more water.

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