Stress of Mess

Homes steeped in stuff and disorganization have many rubbing their temples. The stress can wear you down, affecting not only your health but your productivity. Take small steps to put your life in order so you regain control:

  • Write it down. Keep a main list of things you have to accomplish each week in a central location, with notepads near your bed and in the car for when new items pop into your mind. Jot them down and label the date — then transfer them to your main list as soon as you can.
  • Set the timer. If you have a mountain of paperwork to tend to, don’t let lack of time delay the inevitable. Designate 15 minutes right before bed to attack it or another clutter hot spot. With every shred of paper you toss or file, you’ll release tension and boost confidence.
  • Become aware. Tap into why you’re overwhelmed. Most likely, you’re engulfed by habits. If shoes are always scattered across the living room, make a conscious effort to take them off and put them on in your closet. If junk mail collects on your kitchen table, attach a sign reminding you that the surface is off limits. Once you can identify the problem, you can act on it rather than react to it.

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