The Meaning of Life

Teenage angst, mid–life crisis — at some point, we all wonder why we’re here and what unique, lasting contributions we can make.

The question can be uncomfortable, so we often ignore it — or create lives too busy to consider it. Yet the idea of living a purpose–filled life is universally attractive. We want to believe we matter… that we can make a difference. Looking back at your life, knowing you made the world a better place — even on a small scale — sounds extremely satisfying. Check out these tips for making it happen:

  • Walk your talk. Staying true to your values makes each day meaningful. Identify your core values and write a personal mission statement to shed some light on who you are and what you want to accomplish.
  • Share your life. Relationships enrich our lives and make us feel appreciation; take steps to form new ones. Reach out to family and friends — show an interest in their lives. Get involved.
  • Celebrate you. What are your gifts and talents? Your passions and special interests? Don’t be afraid to unveil them. Get to know what makes you extraordinary, and use it to bring happiness to others.

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