Positive Thinking

Everyone indulges now and then in personal pity parties, but they won’t fix your problems. And a negative outlook can spell trouble for your overall health. Studies find that pessimistic thoughts and feelings directly affect physical and mental function — from heightening stress and depression to lowering immunity. On the other hand, optimistic self–talk has been linked to better recovery from illness, less stress, and fewer cardiovascular issues.

But the old adage about turning lemons into lemonade loses its luster if you don’t know how to squeeze out the juice. Give these tips a chance to turn your down attitude right side up:

  • Welcome humor. Laughter really is medicinal. Watch a funny show, listen to an amusing CD, or read satirical anecdotes. Or take a page from the comic’s handbook and find the humor in your own life.
  • Note the highlights. You write reminders for your shopping list. So let them also help you remember to appreciate. When you can see the good etched on paper, it’s easier to believe.
  • Draw inspiration. Surround yourself with individuals who radiate upbeat energy. Listen to music with uplifting lyrics and melodies. Gain encouragement from true stories of perseverance and hope. The right external influences can fill any empty glass to at least half

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