Aim High (Real High)

In the spirit of our astronauts’ great feats, take a small step toward setting goals — and a giant leap in improving your fitness, finances, social life, and family life. The fortitude required to reach outer space proves the power of goal setting.

Shoot for the moon with these practical pointers:

  • Create a mission statement: Successful goal setting is more than just making wishes. It’s important to map out a game plan that establishes specific objectives and benchmarks. Simplifying your agenda increases your success rate.
  • Set tangible but challenging goals: You’ll derive greater satisfaction by aiming high than by setting easily achievable goals.
  • Keep a journal: Write down your accomplishments and setbacks. Learning from your mistakes will help you figure out the formula to success.
  • Know when to revise your goals: Some may ultimately prove unattainable. If this happens, examine the circumstances and adjust your mission statement. Flexibility is a key component of effective goal setting.
  • Don’t fear failure: Success is never guaranteed, but simply enjoying the journey will have a healthy impact. Even if you don’t reach a certain goal, your hard work will pay off in unanticipated ways.

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