Making Me Time

With work, family, and other obligations, time for you can be hard to come by. Yet, research shows that those who set aside a relaxation period each day are happier and more productive. Try these tips to help you focus on yourself:

  • Get up earlier: Mornings are perfect for some quiet solitude. Set your alarm a half hour earlier and spend it relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee and a good book. Write a few pages in your journal, pen a letter to a friend, meditate, or do a quick crossword puzzle.
  • Stay up later: If you’re not a morning person, carve out some time before you go to bed. Watch a favorite movie or browse through a magazine.
  • Develop a hobby: Study a new language, create a work of art, learn how to garden — find something you enjoy and go for it.
  • Enforce a routine: Plan time for you in your daily schedule so you’re not tempted to fill solo minutes catching up on chores.
  • Call on your network: Let those close to you know you’re making this time a priority so they can support your efforts.

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