Food for Thought

Can what you eat make you smarter? Research shows that some food may directly affect brain performance. By feeding your body the right nutrients, you may improve memory, stabilize emotions, and boost IQ.

  • Protein: It’s the building block for your nerves, organs, and tissues. Found in fish, meat, soy, legumes, tofu, nuts, milk, and cheese, protein helps improve mental performance by contributing to a balanced diet.
  • Carbs: They provide the amino acid tryptophan (the manufacturer of serotonin) — a chemical that aids sleep and improves mood. Whole grains, fresh fruit, and vegetables are primary carb sources.
  • Fat: More than 60% of the brain is fat — a vital component for regulating memory and mood while optimizing learning and intelligence. Omega–3 fatty acids — some of the essential “good fats” used for cognitive function — can’t be produced by the body. You’ll find them in salmon, sardines, cod, and mackerel, olive and canola oil, nuts, and supplements.
  • Vitamins and minerals — especially A, C, E, and B complex — are thought to help promote and preserve memory.

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