Family Feud

Thanks to tensions and eccentricities, it’s no wonder an online survey found that over 50% of people genuinely stress about family get-togethers. Calm Thanksgiving misgivings with these tips:

Accept and embrace. Don’t assume the critical matriarch or slacker relative has changed. Brace yourself for the inevitable… but with a charitable heart. Did your mother-in-law bake a delicious pie? Thank her publicly. Did your uncle drop a few pounds? Compliment him enthusiastically. Such gestures just might avoid potential dilemmas.

Assert assignments. Everyone wants to feel useful and needed. Give each guest a duty and express the task’s importance… whether it’s cutting up veggies, setting up chairs, or keeping the kids occupied.

Prepare distractions. Have simultaneous options to mingle or be single — like group games and quiet areas. Elderly relatives and young children tire easily. Prevent grouchiness on both ends of the generation spectrum by providing activities for kids, comfortable seating for seniors, and breaks throughout the event that allow for graceful exits.

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