Skincare au Naturel

Oatmeal mask? Honey moisturizer? Avocado oil? The all-organic way of life is a growing trend. Not just in what Americans eat, but what they wear on their skin.

In fact, you can just apply yogurt. Lily Organics has been blending and bottling natural skincare products for 25 years. Now, they are willing to share her secrets to a more natural look.

Not all the universities and all the people with all the PhDs in the world will ever come up with anything as effective as rose hip seed oil.

Have a problem with dry skin? You can take an avocado, make it into a paste, and apply it to your skin. Oily skin? You can mix honey and yogurt with oatmeal.

And when it comes to itching, your grandmother was right! Try baking soda. When you put this in your bath, it helps alkalize your body, which can be really beneficial. If you have a sun burn, take a cool bath with one-quarter cup of banking soda to take the sting away.

Five things you should avoid: Synthetic colors. They are potential carcinogens. Blushes and eye shadows contain up to 50 percent talc, a mineral that has been linked to respiratory damage. Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is found in some nail polish and moisturizers and may cause reproductive damage. Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives can cause irritation and allergic reactions, and parabens mimic estrogen and may cause reproductive damage.

So read the labels carefully. Morgan believes you’re safer staying natural! “It just shows you the beauty and versatility of Mother Nature,” she says. And they all taste pretty good, too.

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