Pumpkin Facial Peel

A new brush-on cosmetic peel is being made from pure pumpkin — yes, the kind of pumpkin pies are made from.

Cosmetic Dermatologist:
“There are well over 100 separate chemicals as part of a pumpkin extract.”

Pumpkins contain a fruit acid which attracts Vitamin B to repair sun damage. They also have Vitamin C which stimulates collagen, the protein that keeps skin tight. Another ingredient, in the peel, is a plant hormone which slows the “biological clock” in cells.

Some of the ingredients are exfoliating agents, so they do try to stimulate the cells to grow a little faster and slough off some of the dead skin so it feels softer.

A pumpkin peel takes just a few minutes, and it’s less harsh than other peels.

Paige, Pumpkin Peel Patient:
“It’s a little bit tingly, but it doesn’t sting too bad.”

It may also sting the pocketbook at $150 an application, but for some customers, that’s a small price to pay to stop sun damage from aging their face.

“I have fine lines and I don’t want them to get any bigger. I just think they are wonderful. My friends noticed how good my skin looked and I noticed how good my skin looked, and I want to keep coming back and getting them as often as possible.”

The makers of the pumpkin peel say it’s not a miracle anti-aging cream, but they say it will help you keep a youthful appearance as you age. Now, if you’re thinking you can just smear pumpkin on your face, forget it! The makers of the peel say the great secret to its anti-aging properties is the way it’s processed.

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