Fast Foods And The Brain

It’s the constant struggle between your belly and your brain. You have a craving to chow down fast food, but you know it’s unhealthy. Or is it?

Want french fries and a burger? Dietitians say “go for it!” Just as long as you don’t go overboard and don’t do it everyday. Once or twice a week at the most.

“You have to choose lower fat at least 80 percent of the time when you eat out to achieve a low fat diet if you eat out often.”

The most important thing to remember when you eat out is to cut back on what many people love the most: fried foods. French fries, onion rings and the like can triple the number of calories in your meal. Tip number two: hold the cheese! One thin slice can add 10 grams of fat. Also, skip the mayo, or any mayonnaise-based sandwich dressing. For instance, adding one tablespoon of mayonnaise can double the fat in a broiled chicken sandwich.

Need help in figuring out what’s good and not-so-good at your favorite restaurants? You should try getting a nutrition guide, many restaurants now offer them. That way you can pick two or three items that are lower in fat, so when you’re in a rush you’ll already know what to order.

Irene only eats out about once a week. That’s lower than the national average, but she still tries to make smart food choices.

Irene, Consumer:
“Try not to get too many fried foods, which is whay we try to do at home.”

But most consumers aren’t as careful as Irene. Research shows that 60 percent of Americans want to eat lower fat foods. But only 30-40% actually choose those foods when it comes time to order.

McDonald’s says it will no longer offer a healthier low fat hamburger– the McLean deluxe. Studies showed the public didn’t like the taste of it. And, the Pizza Hut chain tried to popularize a lower fat pizza. Once again, consumers didn’t go for the taste.

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