Fast Foods And Eating Out

Think high-fat foods like pizza, burgers and french fries don’t fit in a calorie-conscious low-fat diet? The latest news nutritionists are “dishing out” may be easy to swallow.

“Fast food is a reality and telling people not to eat it is not only unnecessary, but unrealistic. So what people have to do is learn how to eat out and still eat out reasonably low-fat and reasonably healthfully.”

Researchers say most Americans want to eat better and watch their weight. But people living in constant “high gear” tend to grab fast food because of the convenience.

When you read surveys about fast food eating, it indicates that about 60 percent of the Americans are interested in eating healthfully when they eat out. However, when they get in the line to actually order, only 30, at most 40 percent, actually choose lower fat selections.

Which meal do Americans eat out the most? You guessed it — lunch.

Fast Food Fanatic:
“By the time you get up and do things you have to do before you leave home, you don’t want to pack a lunch, it’s too much trouble to pack a lunch once you’ve straightened up, gotten yourself ready to go to work and working full-time you have to take advantage of every minute. ”

“I think they do better now than they used to. There used to be no choice, now it’s good that they offer salads.”

Dietitians say it’s not necessary to completely cut fast foods from your diet. But the best trick is to pick lower calorie foods without all the excess fat.

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