Get Ready to Pedal

With energy prices and greenhouse gases on the rise, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal. If you have the time, are at the right distance, and the weather is in your favor, grab your bike and commute to work.

Commuting on 2 wheels — even part of the time — has many advantages beyond the immediate fitness benefits, and all of them can yield healthy rewards by improving the environment and reducing stress:

Fight air and noise pollution. Burning fossil fuels creates harmful auto emissions and may contribute to climate change.

Avoid traffic delays. Trails, bike lanes, and sidewalks allow bike commuters to bypass congested traffic.

Save money. Biking to work reduces maintenance, fuel, and parking costs.

Bike-to-work events are scheduled across the country. If that’s not an option for your commute, take advantage of a nearby related event.

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