Innocence Revisited

Inspire the innocence, imagination, and creativity of youth in your adult life. Try taking part in some of these classic activities to help reduce stress, revitalize energy, and gain greater appreciation for your world:

Color. Think it’s too hokey? Go ahead… sit down with a coloring book plus some crayons or markers and spend a half hour staying in the lines. It creates a natural setting for calmness and relaxed focus.

Cavort. Renew your inner child’s enthusiasm for activity. Go outside and play. Run. Fly a kite. Swing a Hula Hoop® around your waist and work your core. Outdoor frolicking invites fresh air into your lungs, pumps the heart, and gets your body moving. After a day of sitting in front of the computer, you’ll probably get more physical benefit from an afternoon outside than your kids… but they’ll enjoy it too.

Conceptualize. Children don’t whisper their dreams. Tap into that youthful naivety and muse on what could be. Write down ideas for happiness, success, or health you’ve hushed until now. Relive the days when your open mind and pure heart were unacquainted with limitations. Today, set out to become that person you believed you could be when you were young.

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