Tread Cautiously

A treadmill can provide an effective workout; yet even the most enthusiastic runner can make mistakes when they swap the road for an indoor trek. Be sure you’re on the right track with these tips:

  • Press the right buttons: Learn how to operate your equipment before you begin. Be sure you know how to stop too, to avoid injuries.
  • Start slowly: Don’t set a sharp incline or high speed in the beginning — it’s easy to lose your balance. Instead, start with a brisk warm–up walk and increase your speed as you find your footing.
  • Don’t take sides: The middle of the belt is the best spot — too much to the front, you can trip; too much at the back, you can slip off.
  • Use handles for support: The treadmill’s handles are meant to help you if you start to fall. Keeping your hands firmly gripped for long periods can strain your elbows and shoulders.
  • Keep it straight: If you look down or to the side, you’ll start to veer off course. Focusing straight ahead helps you avoid being disoriented.

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