Step It Up

Yes, it’s true. Moving the equivalent of 10,000 steps a day can help you maintain and even lose weight when combined with a healthy diet. But for most Americans, sedentary jobs, packed schedules, and family commitments make getting even 6000 steps a daunting task. Follow these tips for adding as many as 2000 steps to your day:

Hi-ho to work… and back again. Exchange your high heels or leather loafers for a pair of sneakers and hike to your workplace. If your commute is farther than you can muster, turn your lunch hour into a walk-and-talk stroll with a coworker.

Go the distance. Bypass the elevator for the stairs. Park as far from the entrance as you can, and consider which errands you can cover on foot.

Take up child’s play. Chances are you’re transporting younger kids to the park or older kids to an extracurricular activity at least once a week. Use the opportunity to play with them on the jungle gym or across the field. Or take a 10-20 minute jaunt when you drop them off before picking them up again.

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