Americans are busier than ever… and it’s taking a toll on health, marriages, and kids. Counter today’s norm by taking control of your life with these tips for reclaiming priceless time:

  • Power down. The average American is tied to some kind of media device several hours each day… and we still spend 150 hours/month staring at the boob tube. Go without TV for 1 night, sign off Facebook for a week, check your email twice/day, shut off the cell phone completely (vibrate mode doesn’t count) during dinner and while driving, and set your homepage to a non–news site so you’re less tempted to click on links.
  • Say no. Weigh the costs every time you add a new responsibility to the calendar. If those overtime hours mean you’ll be feeding on fast food, burning the midnight oil, and dropping your kids off with someone else, turn them down.
  • Close up shop. There’s always something that needs to be done, but you’ll be more productive tomorrow if you get some rest. Select a time when you stop everything, no matter what, then develop a 3–step bedtime routine to transition you into calm — stretching, meditating, and reading a chapter, or having herbal tea, taking a warm bath, and listening to relaxing music.
  • Simplify. Weed out the stuff. Too many possessions not only clutter physical space, they drag down inner peace. You’d be surprised how removing things from your home can open up time in your life.

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