Anger Management

It’s easy to wag a finger at celebrities when their outbursts are splattered across tabloids. But anyone can be guilty of the occasional rant. Rage–proof your reactions when the heat begins to rise with these tips for tempering temper:

  • Fight fatigue and famine. Few are immune to crankiness when short on zzz or low on blood sugar. Whether it’s whining kids, a pesky coworker, or the driver who cuts you off, minor annoyances irritate your nerves more when you’re tired and hungry. Be proactive — keep mood swings at bay by having healthful snacks on hand throughout the day and getting enough sleep.
  • Take a timeout. Lashing out is simply bubbled emotion firing without a filter. When your fuse is short, a quick break can make all the difference. Step back; count to 10 as you breathe deeply and slowly to re–center your perspective and help reduce the flare.
  • Manage potential meltdowns. Developing outlets for stress can diffuse tension before you even know it’s there. Use exercise to blow off steam. Meditate or pray nightly to reset your spiritual compass. And find ways to stimulate your funny bone.
  • Develop coping strategies. Cultivate your own methods for pulling the rage plug, such as bolting from the situation, visualizing a soothing setting, or repeating a humorous or calming mantra.

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