Make a Difference

Charity is always an act of good will, but nothing equals true altruism like personal sacrifice for another. Check out these self-donation programs that allow you to give the gift of life and hope:

A pint of blood can save up to 3 lives. And in most cases it’s a safe procedure that costs little more than an hour’s time. You can donate (whole blood) only once every 56 days, and red blood cell donors have to wait twice as long, but platelet donors can give every 7 days.

Diseases like leukemia often leave patients in need of a bone marrow transplant. If contacted, registered donors may be asked to give through an outpatient procedure that’s usually nonsurgical. Recovery times differ, but most donors are back to 100% within 3 weeks or less.

Through a revolutionary pay-it-forward campaign, donors across the country are giving kidneys to strangers because they aren’t a match for a loved one in need.

Queasy about being a living organ donor? You can register to be a posthumous donor through Donate Life America. Just keep your family members aware of your wishes.

Willing to shed your tresses? Organizations like Locks of Love turn hair donations into wigs for patients who’ve lost their own hair due to cancer, burns, or other conditions.

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