Take Charge of Your Own Health

Even though we now have access to advanced Western medicine and have so many amazing choices when it comes to health care, good health does not start with your doctor. It starts with you!

Your body is completely different from anyone else’s, and if you listen to it, you will know it better than any doctor ever could. Not understanding how your body works is like not opening your mail for fear of what you might find. With the same verve with which you study your favorite hobby, you need to understand how your mind and body work separately and synergistically.

You and your body are together for a lifetime, and if you look after it, it will look after you. Take good care of your body – eat right, stay active and limit your levels of stress. If your body is trying to tell you something through pain or illness, do not ignore it or get frustrated that it is “letting you down”.

We all have health conditions or issues due to our genetics and lifestyle. Perhaps you are prone to stomach upset, have a low thyroid, are susceptible to anemia, have high blood pressure or intermittently suffer from a back problem. The important thing is to know your body and what your issues tend to be.

Once you pinpoint your health conditions, you can do your own research, weight all your treatment options and choose which approach or combination of approaches works best for you. It makes sense to start with the most holistic and natural therapies and go from there. And don’t think you need to wait until you’re in a crisis to take care of yourself. It is better to see a professional at the first sign of back pain than to wait until your back is thrown out to get help! Whenever possible, catching warning signs early on is the way to go and will make your recovery that much easier.

Always remember that your health is in your hands. You control how you take care of your body every day. And when you get sick, you decide how you want to go about healing yourself. Love your body, look after it, nurture it with the love and care you had or would have liked to have had as a child and you’ll find that, over time, it will return the favor and treat you really well, too.

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