Soy May Reduce Risk for Breast Cancer

Three different studies were presented at a meeting in American Association of Cancer Research in Philadelphia and the three studies were about the different treatments for the breast cancer.

The consumption of isoflavone containing soy products reduces the risk of developing breast cancer, the new study says. The isoflavone is the organic compound which contains antioxidant which is helpful in preventing breast cancer.

The researchers included 683 women with breast cancer and 611 women without tumor and the study found that the women who consumed more isoflavone are at a lower risk of developing stage 1, stage 2 diseases and tumor larger than 2 centimeters.

The consumption of isoflavone containing soy and soy products associated with breast cancer characteristics and can be treated easily than the other types of cancers. The other two studies presented in the meeting are: hormone replacement therapy and aromatase inhibitor medications.

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